Things You Hate to Hate After Became a Mother

There is a life before being a mother and another after being a mother, after being a mother the woman starts to hate certain behaviors and attitudes of other people, especially, to move with the young.

Things You Hate to Hate After Became a Mother

There is no change in personality, just a better management of some everyday situations that do not affect those who do not have small children.

7 Things All Moms Hate


Too bad that guess is free and does not give jail time, because some people make this the favorite pastime. After being a mother the woman develops a pet hate for all those hunches about the food, sleep, and education of OUR children.

Noise during the baby’s sleep

When the baby is wide awake nothing special happens, he has just fallen asleep neighbors begin to talk on the street, the dogs begin to bark, and there is always reason to throw fireworks.

High heels

Not yours, because we do not cease to be women and vain after motherhood, but we hate the high heels of the upstairs neighbor who insists on walking all over the house, makes us want to offer some slippers.

Cellphone with sound

Nothing worse than leaving your cell phone ringing at baby’s nap time, your cell phone always rings when your baby is sleeping, or you get some notification from facebook when you are leaving the baby’s room.

Toys with sounds

The person who invented toys with sounds and songs should not have children. No one can bear to hear the same thing over and over again, toys are great for stimulating babies and they love it, but I do not believe that any mother has not removed the batteries or hidden that piano, guitar or teddy that sings songs …


The cold is very complicated to manage, especially at night when we are always in doubt whether or not the baby is cold, whether or not it is covered. Another reason to hate the winter and the cold is that we have to stay in Mayan time with the children closed at home, you can not go play for the playground or garden.


Being a hate of many mothers has a space space, raise a hand to the mother who does not hate the sound of motorcycles, especially the altered, and we do not detest the sound only when the baby is sleeping, we hate even when they pass us by middle of the street and frighten children and adults.

Contain your hatreds.