These 7 Watches Are the Perfect Companion

Which watches are particularly suitable for watching football during the European Championship 2016?
Today on June 10, 2016 launches the European Football Championship 2016. In many European countries, football euphoria has been announced for one month. In today’s opening game at 9pm, the host country France is entering against Romania. Only on Sunday evening the current football world champion Germany is playing against Ukraine. We asked ourselves in the editorial office: What watch at TimeDictionary would I like to wear to watch football and why? The favorites of the editors of Chronos, Watch magazine and, you will get to know in our overview.
Watch #1 to the Football Championship 2016:
Hublot Big Bang Unico Chronograph retro grade Euro 2016
“The best fit for European Championship in France is the Hublot Big Bang Unico Retro grade chronograph UEFA Euro 2016. For one thing, this is the official watch of the tournament, on the other it comes in the French national colours blue, white, red. The most important thing, however, is that the chronograph’s stop functions are entirely geared to the football: with the retrograde stop pointers for minutes and seconds, you can stop the length of each half, including stoppage times, as well as the Longer term. A window above the middle of the dial indicates in which half you are currently in–in the half-time break there will be “1/2″, after the end of the game. ”
Ceramic case, manufacture caliber HUB1261, limited to 100 pieces, 25,900 euro
Watch #2 to the Football Championship 2016:
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme W-alarm
“The world time display of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s master compressor is useful if you live in a different time zone than the EM host; The alarm function recalls the impetus; And when it comes to frenetic applause, the shock-absorbing special construction of the housing helps. ”
In-house automatic caliber 912, housing made of stainless steel and titanium, 15,600 euro
Watch #3 to the Football Championship 2016:
Maurice Lacroix Pontos 43 mm Chronograph
“Thanks to the reduced dial, the chronograph Pontos by Maurice Lacroix can be read well–great to stop the half-time with. The colour scheme in blue, red and silver/white also reminds of the national colours of the host country of France. ”
Automatic movement ETA-Valjoux 7750, stainless steel housing, approx. 2,690 euro
Watch #4 to the Football Championship 2016:
Meistersinger Neo in Rensing Green
“With Meistersingers Neo in Rensing Green I look forward to everything that will take place in the next few weeks on French turf. Should it–contrary to every expectation–sometimes not run so well for our team, then the watch gives me the feeling that it is still for nothing too late: it indicates the time to five minutes exactly. ”
Automatic caliber ETA 2824, 36-millimeter stainless steel housing, 998 euro
Watch #5 to the Football Championship 2016:
Rolex Yacht-Master II
“The yacht-Master II was developed by Rolex for the sailing regatta, but it comes in the colours of the European Championship host country France: Blue, white, red. You can also use your countdown chronograph to stop the most important last ten minutes of a game, and see how long the game is still running. And after the EM you can carry them back on the yacht, on the beach or in the bar and is always well dressed. ”
Manufacture caliber 4161 with self-winding, 44-Millimter-Stainless steel housing, 17,000 euro
Watch #6 to the Football Championship 2016:
Sense T2 B (EZM 15)
“If the crowd is particularly big in public viewing, then football fans should grab the T2 b from the point: The lightweight titanium case does not interfere with cheering and clapping, the scratch-proof bezel forgives any bump and if some beer is spilled, it makes This is the dive watch thanks to its waterproofness up to 2,000 meters also nothing. And if we are to become European champions, there is nothing in the way of good legibility in the dark of a long party night. ”
Automatic Plant Soprod A10-2, titanium housing, 41 mm, 2,600 euro
Watch #7 to the Football Championship 2016:
Vulcain 50s Presidents ‘ Watch
“I admit, I prefer to spend the beautiful summer evenings in the garden as before watching TV and watching a soccer game. If I really did not want to miss one, for example the final match between Germany and…–Well the opponent must have been turned out, then I would like to remind myself of the cricket Weckerkaliber of a Vulcain 50s presidents ‘ Watch kindly . ”
Manufactory caliber Cricket V-11, stainless steel, 42 mm, 5,200 euro
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