Thermal Sleeping Bags for Kids

Good sleep for kids: kids sleeping bag

No matter whether at the camp, in the home garden for the hike with the parents: when it gets cold at night, especially the adventure-loving young needs the necessary warmth in a warm kids sleeping bag. Below you can learn what to consider when buying one.

Thermal performance of children sleeping bag

According to, the main criterion for the choice of the appropriate kids sleeping bag is of course the isolation. Contrary to the standardized data in adults, it is neither possible nor allowed to specify exact temperature ranges in terms of kids sleeping bag though. The individual sense of heat varies according to age, gender, weight and degree of exhaustion. Because children are still in the growth of these factors are much stronger note than when grown.

Material for children sleeping bag

The dilemma of the choice of filling materials for kids sleeping bag is the same as the models for the large: down or synthetic fibre? While sleeping bags offer the best ratio of weight to warmth, synthetic materials are more weather-resistant. It’s comfortable, much warmth, lightness and a small pack size, is to stay on a kids sleeping bag down past. Who, however, often stayed in areas with high humidity (camping on the river) or without tent is on the way and may even get a rain shower at the bivouac with the little ones, better for this a kids sleeping bags with synthetic insulation choose the outer material is no less robust than in versions for adults in special children sleeping bag. Nylon or a RipStop weave for the necessary robustness and avoid the loss of down or filling fiber.

Facilities of children sleeping bag

What constitutes a special kids sleeping bag? While the materials are the same as in sleeping bags for adults, kids sleeping bags differ from this especially in regards to size and interior design. Like when woman sleeping bag kids sleeping bag from are similar inside usually slightly softer and more lined the footer. The length is much shorter than with conventional sleeping bags, ranging up to 180 cm in some models. That kids sleeping bag is suitable in some cases also good for adults (similar to the children’s rucksacks). Some variants can be extended via zip. A separate part of the foot can be easily angezippt when needed and ensures more 30 cm.

Plugs for kids sleeping bag

Not only because it is easier for the little ones, but also for the material better: sleeping bags are rolled stuffed, not best in the stuff sack. So to avoid kinks and a thinning of the material.