The Wardrobe Cornerstones – Buttondownskjortan

Cutaway and turndownkrage are all very well but the shirt that feels most useful is in our shirt with buttondownkrage. The small buttons are skjortkragen in place which makes it perfect for a knit shirt or unbuttoned a few available cotton pants on holiday. If you want to dress up the model one can wear the collar to tie and unbuttoned collar with kragknappar, a soft wave-shaped case.
No matter how you choose to wear a buttondownskjorta, there is a wide area of the garment. Depending on the length of the kragsnibbar, the structure of the fabric and the fabric and color variation increases even more.
Perhaps the most classic interpretation is in a rougher light blue oxford cloth. A fabric, perfect for informal kavajval as tweed or linen and just gets softer with time and use. One of the most renowned providers of this particular model is the U.S. Brooks Brothers.
Many Italian skjortföretag have made their own interpretations of this classic but where you choose a fabric with a bit more luster and shine so that, for example, pinpoint and often in washed for a soft feel and the entrance feel.
Superklassiska ‘ original ‘ from Brooks Brothers in light blue oxford cloth of cotton. Equally nice to jeans as flannel pants. (
Italian Fray makes unquestionably some of the world’s most exclusive shirts and is characterized by a very generous buttondownkrage that can be worn to tie. (
A dark blue buttondownskjorta perfect for a dark blue cotton or wool jacket for a sober tone-on-tone styling. Here in a washed feeling from Eve Green Ribbon. (
Ralph Lauren’s POLO line offers the perfect casual interpretation of oxford cloth, and our favorite is in yellow.
An iconic interpretation of buttondownskjortan by one of Hollywood’s greatest style icons of all time: Paul Newman.
Another of the most iconic carriers of buttondownskjortan’s earlier fiatchefen and one of Italy’s foremost style icons of all time: Gianni “L ‘ Avvocato Agnelli.
Top photo-Buttondownskjorta from Italian Truzzi