The Unique HTC on The Google Pixel Is The Battery, According to IFixit

Not listed in the top 10 of world manufacturers in sales or often ask for them friends and relatives that they seek advice about what mobile to buy, but Google mobiles are subject to our attention and not only from its output. Each year the rumors make us to us an idea almost to perfection of what we can expect for part Google on their mobile, and on this occasion the Google Pixel by HTC sounded much. But, we can say that HTC manufactured as previously did Huawei or LG?
This we discussed following the presentation, Google made no mention of the Taiwanese manufacturer in no time. There also discussed the different ways that there are “manufacture without making”, but today has come the cutting of iFixit and there we saw the only thing stamped by HTC: battery.

Known old

Collaborations between HTC and Google are not new, although the passes were somewhat clearer. Speaking of mobile touches us travel until 2010 to remember the Nexus One, made by HTC and whose logo if contained in the Cabinet, along with the Google (each in a part of the terminal). Most recently, however, is the Nexus 9, the last tablet from Google which also reserved a place on its outside to remember one of their parents.
Only thing that surgeons at iFixit found HTC batteries have been
This time There is no logo or signature HTC on the tops of the Pixel, which they could already taste after its release our colleagues from Engadget and resulted in first impressions. Only thing that surgeons at iFixit found HTC batteries have been.

The Pixel: neither one thing nor the other

As we were following rumours and possible leaks we had a pre-image unconfirmed mobile Google. By early leaks and as rumored collaboration of HTC, initially you could guess one style less than 10 HTC and more HTC One A9, without front button or strip with the logo. But when we met him (not in the presentation, but before) we saw that in reality the design and construction were quite different These numbers, except for a few bands of the HTC One A9 siimilares.
So where is the brushwork of HTC in the Google? There is no information that determines this, except the evidence of battery and what reported in the time from Google to PhoneArena, who received an email from Jeff Gordon, head of communications HTC online, confirming the collaboration.
HTC is a partner of Google in the manufacture of the Pixel.

The value of the logo and the springboard of Schrödinger

What also talking about around the presentation of terminals Google is the allocation of the manufacturer, it was who was, was not the first choice. Huawei had the witness in his hands after having charge of the Nexus 6 p, with a contract manufacture for two years. But conditions for the first Pixel were rail in relation to the “Made by Google”, and Huawei decided not to proceed If your logo was not going to appear on one of their offspring.
Do it will be the beginning of a comeback that can be pushed by the Pixel effect?
Was it HTC in the right place at the right time? Recently the company published quarterly economic performance and they were rather more encouraging than the previous ones, assuming a rise in a graph that took months and years descending. A fact that caught by surprise by date both path and let in the air the question: is the beginning of a comeback that can be pushed by the Pixel effect?
Copy: Copy: Copy: HTC monthly income
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This will see it (or hope to see you in October). Perhaps they glimpse better extent to which HTC has been involved in the manufacture of the new line of smartphones from Google if revenues continue to grow after a 10 HTC we have not clear that has helped pull in August when it began to sell months earlier, being able due to price of One A9 downspouts or other lines. Either the battery or something else, the issue is that the Pixel have relocated to HTC in the limelight without having red numbers accompanying.