The New Family 10 Desire, More Signs of a HTC Which Competes against Itself

HTC does not pass through its best moment, is something about what tons of e-ink is poured, however it is a manufacturer which has something with which many other manufacturers only sigh: a group of faithful users that you are wishing that the company do something good to be able to continue giving their support. Today, with the split that is the market, it is a treasure.
However, the Taiwanese manufacturer seems to strive to make the same mistakes over and over again and remain almost invisible in a market in which new players compete for the posts of others who retreat. The last presentation of the new Desire 10, both the Pro and the Lifestyle, happened something that not to be predictable is less painful for those who have followed the care brand: they have gone unnoticed.

I was HTC

Server is started on the hand of HTC Android. A few years ago fell into my hands a HTC Hero who resisted until the arrival of which would be my first Nexus, the Nexus One. At the time there was no trace of the One and the Desire enjoyed a magnificent position in the Android world. The HTC Desire represented much for its time, and six and a half years later the family is almost irrelevant.
Not all have been errors in the way of HTC, however. The first model of the One line was more daring, One M7 metal body and a fantastic display of 4.7 inches FullHD embedded between those speakers BoomSound that fascinated us. The camera, a failed ultrapixeles experiment It does not however marred the general picture of the terminal.
HTC 10, a large terminal, is paying the errors of their ancestors and fellow line
The problem came later, with two more generations of One in which the manufacturer repeated tirelessly errors. The ultrapixeles were still present and when the Toshiba camera changed them, in One M9, was far from its competitors. HTC 10, last to arrive, it has meant a great step forward but he has collected what its manufacturer had been sowing for years. As flagships, HTC reaches even to see the head of the race.

User to the front, but half

There has been progress, however, with some models of the family. The HTC One A9 last year opted for an internal configuration rather less powerful but a great fluidity and performance. One M9 rear, as well as the One X 9, followed the path walked by his predecessor. It seemed that HTC began to build a new road on user experience and aesthetics, but when it comes to the truth, the mistakes of the past were kept.
A design that seems etched in stone and it has already lost almost all of its freshness, erratic and slow updates and a price level that, even though bet by the quality of the materials, has little to do in the current market. HTC has been located between two waters, in a terribly dangerous ground for a company that needs to be a Phoenix to continue to breathe.
To demand more by what the competition sells cheaper you have of winning, HTC has lost that
The new Desire, Pro show, once again, that HTC has nothing to do against its competitors in terms of power as mark prices much higher than the rest. and the mark, unfortunately, does not have the power to claim of a few years ago It will require a little more for the privilege of your purchase. And below, the Chinese competition. Fierce and unleashed, featuring utopias to price of the demolition, winning customers in the your your neighborhood stores and hypermarkets.

The Pixel of hope

When I stop to look at HTC I can hardly recognize the company was in the products that are released today. I remain intact hopeful regarding the Google Pixel, thus HTC always knew how to produce but not sell, and perhaps the Alphabet G hand to inject into them a new breath of air to their battered lungs.
The company, with its constant changes, seems to have difficulties to recover their best version and although live HTC much promise in the field of smartphones there is a desert where there used to be green meadows. Me wrong though, the best thing that could happen is that Google taken out the checkbook and take possession of the pull of a yacht in low hours which at the time was all a battleship.