The Most Sought after Toys this Christmas

Letters to the most famous white-bearded old man reveal some of the tastes of the little ones. Meet the top of the children’s favorites
When it comes to asking, children are not gentle.He is the game of this, the car of that…When it comes time to write the traditional letter to Santa Claus, there are many requests and more requests.But, in the midst of so much demand, do you know what the toys are truly dear to children?As in previous years, the Toys in ‘R’Us store chain has compiled a list of the most sought-after toys this year.
This year, according to the list that the company has already announced, these are the names of those who delight the little ones:

  1. Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon (€ 124.99)
  2. Pinypon Palace (€ 54.99)
  3. Magical Unicorn Starlily Furrreal (130 €)
  4. Magic Frozen Bracelet (€ 42.99)
  5. Police Station with Playmobil Alarm System (€ 89.99)
  6. Lego City Fire Station (€ 59.99)
  7. Vehicles Paw Patrol (figures starting at € 10.99)
  8. Figures Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (dolls from € 14.99)

Preferred in previous years
Beyblade, Gormiti, Toy Story, Hello Kitty and the small and adorable creatures of Littlest Pet Shop were, by sales and demand in the specialized establishments of this network, evaluated the five elected in Christmas in previous years.The stadium where Beyblade’s tops meet for a while is the number one child, who take advantage of this toy inspired by the series of cartoons to (re) create the adventure stories of this group of friends and enemies.
The famous Gormiti, the invincible lords of nature, also took a prominent place in the list of preferences of the little ones in times gone by, appearing in second place.At the bottom of the podium of previous years are the characters from the movie”Toy Story”.
Everything that relates to Hello Kitty, the most famous cat in the world, is also a guaranteed success among the smallest.There have been many wanting your gaming computer in previous years.Finally, the small animals of the Littlest Pet Shop appear, whose figures and accessories also sold very well during the Christmas periods of previous years.