The Kirin Huawei Passes over 950 GeekBench 3 and View All Its Power

If we use a terminology proper to the world of videogames could be called Kirin 950 as the first SoC for smartphones, thanks to nextgen to be presented debut set for late November to Huawei Mate 8.
As we have seen repeatedly in the past, one of the main innovations that will be introduced by Kirin 950 adoption of powerful core Cortex-A72, able to significantly raise the performance of the already excellent Cortex-A57 available today. But how much is this difference? To advise us it is one of the first benchmark of Huawei NXT-AL10, already identified as Mate 8, which allow us to have an idea of the scores that Kirin 950 is able to accomplish.
We talk about ben 1710 points in single-core and multicore 6245 points, showing that make turning pale also the current Exynos 7420, the most powerful SoC yesterday available on Android panorama, which stops at values close to 1480 points in single-core and multi core around 5000. The scores made by Kirin 950 still offer some room for improvement, because the 1.8 GHz frequency shown is not the highest that can reach the main cluster of SoC, which can reach up to 2.2 GHz.
To get a better idea of what may be the scenery that lies ahead in the coming months, here is a brief comparison with some of the preliminary scores of what appear to be the major SoC that we would see in 2016, although missing the expected MediaTek Helio X 20 with its special design in 10 core. For the time being the proposal of Huawei looks very much in line with what the competition has to offer and may become decidedly futureproof even with a debut so up close and personal.