The HTC Ocean Note Change Qualcomm by MediaTek and Photo Quality Pixel Would Reach

It seems that in the offices of HTC in Taiwan want to be early risers in 2017, and your first device will arrive shortly after the CES in Las Vegas. According to all the information concerning the chosen day is on January 12 and in a place yet determined, we should attend the presentation of the future HTC Ocean Note. A name which, at the date to which we are, appears to be the definitive.
HTC wants to start the year with a flashy device, although one of the rumors that has been on the road was possibly the most interesting. The HTC Ocean Note could have been the first Snapdragon 835 terminal, but now it seems that the chip will be MediaTek. And seen where pointed out at the beginning, think helium X 30? We’ll see what is the choice of the manufacturer.

What we expect from the HTC Ocean Note

He came to us with the assumed name of HTC U, because of the announcement of its presentation in which invited users, but is now known as Ocean Note. And based on everything that has been commented upon, it seems that we are to a new terminal from HTC without headphone jack. We would again have a port USB C towards which would divert is audio.
Another fact that comes to us is on your screen. We could meet before the first smartphone from HTC curved screen on the sides. A panel of 5.5 to 5.7 inches with double curve, to the “Edge”, but it would be strange decision being HTC 11 in the roadmap of the company within not too long. Do you introduciríais a feature so a mobile call to be a second row in the catalog?
On his body, metallic and three colors (black, white, and blue), We don’t know anything more than the diagonal of the screen. If HTC continues on the line of dispense with BoomSound speakers, present since makes some models only in the software, we could have a more content in size terminal, but will have to wait for the presentation to confirm it.
Another aspect that is spoken is the camera. According to the source of the latest information, the HTC Ocean Note would have earned an 89 in tests of DxOMark, a figure that so far has only reached Google with their Pixel. Taking into account that the Pixel HTC built them, we have the same camera at the Ocean notice? If so, expect us 12-megapixel f/2.0 with EIS and 1.55 Micron pixels. But let’s be cautious and hopefully.
There are two weeks to see how the HTC Ocean Note is presented. If finally arrives with this name, It would result in a new line of devices within the catalogue of the Taiwanese manufacturer, although it could make a last-minute turn and merge the One or One X. Perhaps without the last One, as did before HTC 10. We will see. January 12, save this date.