The HTC Brand Lives Can Reach The Smartphones with a Customizable Super Phone

HTC has been already some time fighting on several fronts of the market, having been away from smartphones in one of them but not too much. HTC live line was born to stand up to the Oculus Rift in the growing sector of advanced virtual reality, the most powerful and that for now only you can enjoy in computers and game consoles.
Now, in a video leaked on a future release of the Taiwanese, shows what could be the promotional video of a new line of smartphones. Maybe we knew so far as Ocean Note, perhaps some new that we are hearing for the first time. The fact is that we have seen a phone branded HTC lives on the back, and that could be super customizable.

Extreme personalization

HTC 2017?

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) January 8, 2017
At the time, Nokia has already offered the possibility of acquiring plenty of carcasses for their mobile phones, in the era pre-smartphone which ruled with a firm fist and hammer ashgardiano, but that sales policy seemed to disappear. Years later, Motorola tried something similar, though much less aggressive, with their motorbike Maker, Customizer that has accompanied so far several of its models.
The new phone HTC lives, that by now we know all your specifications, It could come from the hand of a super customizer. In the video you can see how a fictional HTC Design Lab seeks to find color combinations to adapt, according to them, to any of its customers, with their tastes and hobbies.
During more than minute and a half, HTC shows us enough information on this customizing. We observe smooth materials and other built in texture similar to tissues, Super Fibers, We also see colors of all kinds as the Litmus, or customizations through impressions on fixed colors, as the model called Chemicals.
We do not know yet what exactly this video but extreme personalization seems to be quite clear. Possibly we can do whatever we wish with this future HTC Phone lives, but if we could have many options of materials and colors to accommodate us when buying one. If you are looking for a phone only for each person, they could quite approaching his promise.

HTC Live Phone?

We said that this phone which appears in the video, with the logo of the HTC live line on the back cover, may have gone unnoticed so far. HTC could have up to three phones ready to be presented in this first quarter of the year. One of them is that long commented U HTC or HTC Ocean Note, another could be the HTC X 10 and the third could be the live HTC Phone.
As we said, we know nothing about him but the presence brand lives in its shell invites to think that It could be a remote control for virtual reality goggles of its manufacturer. All time, clear is, for the moment, smartphones are not able to generate the power needed to make the live HTC work at the level that achieves this a personal computer.
Goggles to live mobile with a smartphone of presentation? Maybe.
Although, if we suppose, and if HTC launch a reduced version of its HTC lives to accompany its new HTC Phone live? HTC has no presence now in the market of virtual reality and video in 360 as it does Samsung with their VR Gear, or Google with his DayDream VR glasses. Does not seem unreasonable that the Taiwanese manufacturer launch an alternative sewn to your new phone, and with experience that has in its division live.
In any case, does not take to learn more about this future HTC Live Phone, and check if HTC arises to offer many customization options preset or a Builder so that each user can design your model to measure. The idea seems quite interesting, but it is even more having a smartphone with the line live in virtual reality. We will see what comes out of all this.