The History of Flashlights

There are many products, tools and other things that we use today in the routine, without really having any great track of where they come from and how they evolved. Most people, for example, certainly used a flashlight several times. Many of us have probably also seen different variations, but you know the story behind the flashlight? Interestingly, the example is not meant as a torch right from the start, but had a much more specific purpose. The flashlight’s history includes a few elements that may be interesting for those who like both technology and history trivia.

Background and development
The very first flashlight was invented in 1898 by the battery manufacturer Joshua Lionel Cowen. He is also the inventor of the model railway. The idea behind the development of the flashlight was that it would serve as a houseplant illumination by a metal tube with a battery and light bulb pierced into the ground. When the idea was then sold to a man named Conrad Hubert developed houseplant lighting a torch for more purposes than to plants. The earliest torches consisted of a filament made ​​of carbon and had manganese batteries as a power source. This means that the lamp periodically needed suspended. When the flashlight comprising filament of tungsten developed in the early 1900s, the flashlight secure its place as a good and popular light source. It could now compete with, and would soon start to compete, kerosene lamps. Around 1920 began kinds of flashlights worked out in different sizes and batteries and more. In 1922, flashlights used by about 10 million Americans.
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Postwar onwards
In the postwar period had the flashlight popularity increased, and the vast majority of households in developed countries had one. Forward the latter part of the 1900s developed more energy-saving lamps and batteries. Alkaline batteries are replaced the previous manganese batteries and rechargeable batteries were developed. Today contains flashlights for the most part a krypton bulb. There is not only rechargeable batteries, but also the entire flashlights that are loaded into the electrical outlet. You can also find flashlights that can be cranked up and running. In addition, there are infinitely many sizes, appearances, batteries and formats including flashlights in today’s society. A fun trivia is that the verb “fickla” (which was recognized in 2001) comes from the right flashlight. It means “shine the flashlight.”