The Great Attack on Gyms

Conclusion: The FitBit Blaze is the up to date best Tracker of the manufacturer in the test. In terms of facilities, we like the 24/7 pulse measurement, Smartwatch features and good touch display. The cooperation with FitStar is still upgradable, but in any case a good approach. There is criticism for the housing and recharging.

The Great Attack on Gyms

To date, it was FitBit surge the strongest of fitness professionals FitBit Tracker. Now the market leader with the wearable FitBit has again properly set to blaze. Forward to full it is not enough in the big CHIP-fitness-check though but the distance to Place 2 is not large.
The FitBit rises quite blaze from the crowd – not only through the modern look, but also a special feature: together with the experts from the FitStar certain workouts have been selected and shipped directly as an app on the fitness-bracelet.
Otherwise the blaze in terms of facilities is great, especially the Web interface is one of the best dashboards on the market. Price moves the FitBit blaze just at the top, you should spend on a fitness Tracker: with around 230 euro is it however not a real bargain.

FitBit blaze cooperates with FitStar

Eliminates the gyms now? FitBit has teamed up with FitStar, to work on a real Trainingsbuddy. So here at,  there’s a FitStar app on the blaze fitness smart tape the current (State: 15.04.2016) holds three different exercises. In addition to a warm-up exercise, there is a 7-minute workout and a 10-minute Abdominal workout. On the bracelet the exercises are presented only by animation, if the Tracker vibrates, it is the turn. During your workout, of course the pulse rate is measured, at the end, there is a summary including burnt calories.
In the conversation with the manufacturer was told us, that the cooperation with FitStar is a first attempt to better integrate small sports exercises in everyday life. Extent to which more training units for the blaze will be made available, depends on the customer feedback. Currently, there are still paid FitStar workouts with video support and feedback functions in the form of a Smart phone app. These are optimized but not for the Tracker.

Good touch screen, annoying charging technology

Really excited has us in the test of the touch screen of the FitBit blaze. Yet no other fitness bracelet so liquid worked the operation via touch as in this case. Although shines the glass often quite strong, which minimally affect the reading, but overall, the FitBit can be quickly and intuitively operated blaze. The pulse measurement works the same way as in the FitBit charge HR continuously, i.e. 24 hours a day. The measurement intervals vary according to your activity: sit quietly at your desk, decreases the frequency. Become more active, more often measures the Tracker.
The charging of the fitness band is much less intuitive. For this purpose, you must first remove the Tracker unit from the bracelet and then insert into a chunky charging cradle, which then not even has a standard micro USB port. Charge fast times at buddy or at work, it is therefore not possible. After all, the blaze in the test lasts about a week with a single battery charge.
Slightly more exaggerated, we find the prices for the blaze-replacement wristbands. The metal bracelet is made of stainless steel, cost but hearty 140 euro. Benefit from keeping the blaze one must build quality but quite clearly, because even with the silicone bracelets, the tracker version consists of Matt stainless steel. Fürs swimming is the blaze but unsuitable – too bad.

The slight Smartwatch trains of the FitBit blaze

However, a real Smartwatch will not replace the fitness Tracker. After all, the blaze displays but incoming callers and allows you to mute the ringing tone. Also SMS are displayed and calendar entries displayed. Music on your Smartphone, you can control the media player with the Tracker. By the way:Your running route just to record, the Tracker must rely on the GPS from your Smartphone. A separate GPS module like the FitBit surge does not exist.

FitBit Blaze:alternative

The big competition to the FitBit blaze comes from the Garmin. That presented at MWC Garmin VivoActive HR visually goes in a completely different direction and much more similar than the FitBit looks a classic sport wearable blaze.
The display also works through touch gestures and offers few apps that store can be downloaded from the Garmin IQ. In contrast to the FitBit Blaze is integrated with the Garmin VivoActive HR also a separate GPS module. The launch of the Garmin VivoActive HR is probably imminent, who can wait still a little, is certain to take it an interesting alternative. The price will be probably 270 euro. All those right now need to access a new Tracker easy to the predecessor Garmin VivoActive (without lead).