The Government of Russia Stop Using The IPad and Use Custom Samsung Tablets

Although many times we focus on products for consumers more normlae, s not forget that in the companies and Governments There is a very important market for devices with a specific needs that must be met and that Google will take into account in the next version of Android. Not enough with that is powerful, must meet minimum standards of security and personalization for own content.
That has happened to Apple in Russia, that you’ve seen how one of its biggest government customer decides to stop using their tablets to politicians. They neglected tablets from Apple by a Samsung with custom Android tablets, claiming safety issues.
Some wonder if this makes Android safer per I know that iOS, but the answer will depend on a who are you ask, but the security system has nothing to do. As he has been explained, the possibility of personalization has been the most important when making the decision to make a few devices adapted to Russian servers and programs.
This is another example of the ability of customization of Android and its remarkable opening, allowing you to adapt to all tastes without having to rely on the manufacturer. There are who will prefer the Cupertino company closed and graph system, worse those who appreciate the openness of the system Android is a very good choice.