The Google Pixel Will Come in Black, Silver and Blue Which Will Be Exclusive

The mobile phones sector takes some time boring in terms of color. That have been much spinning here we miss the chromatic range of the old feature phones, when there was to worry about the size of the screen or the processor power and were more resistant than the now.
Some brands dare something else, as the old Lumia line that went from Nokia to Microsoft, or models of Alcatel. The rest of the market is rife with white, black and gold phones and time occasionally appear blue or green. The new Google Pixel it seems that they will join this somewhat sober line of colorful, with the notable absence of a golden color that seemed obligatory, under great phones in recent years launches.

Three colors by now, with two textures in the rear

We carry quite some time looking to reach the various media leaks about how will be the Pixel inside, the latest and most complete was that discovered them virtually in full yesterday same. Some of these leaks come accompanied renders or images, and it is through these that we know that the Pixel will come in, at least, three colors.
Through these images that have been leaking, we know that the Google Pixel, both the normal and the XL version, will land in the catalog of the Google Store with at least two colors. A black that they have called “Remove Black” and who could interpret as a charcoal grey very dark, and one silver colour which call “Very silver”.
Is suspended a third color in different renders appeared so far it seems distinguished from silver. We do not know for sure if there will be Google Pixel white or if it is an effect of some photographs, or perhaps a version of the silver model. But we can confirm the existence of at least the two named: remove Black and Very Silver.
Although the news that has assaulted the networks and media this morning speaks of a third color, maybe fourth If you have white. Evan Blass has discovered the colors that will be Verizon, the American operator. In them you can see a Google Pixel blue (only the front) which, unfortunately, seems to be exclusive of the U.S. and we will not see him away from your catalog.
You must not despair, however. Google Nexus 5, possibly the most popular Nexus in Google’s history, came to have a subsequent review in a deep red color. Perhaps the Pixel, if they are sufficiently popular, end up reaching the Google Store in a wide chromatic variety. For now, We have black, silver and an exclusive Blue.