The Founding Fathers of the Glassworks Watch Industry

The beginnings of A. Long & Sons, Moritz Grossmann and Co.
In the year 1845 the history of the glassworks watchmaking industry begins with the founding of the first manufactories. With passion, skill and entrepreneurial skills, watchmaker masters such as Ferdinand Adolph Lange, Julius Assmann, Moritz Grossmann and Adolf Schneider realize their dream of an independent Saxon watchmaking industry and substantiate the world-wide fame of the Saxon town.
The myth of Glashütte is closely linked to the name of Ferdinand Adolph Lange. During his four-year hiking experience, the long grown up with foster parents in the Swiss Vallée de Joux, the famous» Valley of Watchmakers «near Geneva, learns a special manufacturing method. This typical Swiss manufacturing method is also known as a publishing system. In this supplier system, the manufacturer of a watch refers to the individual parts of various contractors, each specializing in watch parts, tools or measuring instruments. The clock assembled from the individual parts is finally sold by the “publisher”.
1845: birth of the watchmaking industry in Glashütte
After his return, Lange intends to build a watchmaking industry in his homeland according to the Swiss model. He negotiates with the Saxon government and receives a loan to realize his dream in the nearby Glassworks. This city is selected among several applicants, because here reigns after the defeat of the ore bitter poverty. The 7th of December 1845 is regarded as the birth of the watchmaking industry in Glashütte: On this day, Ferdinand Adolph Lange and his collaborator Adolf Schneider start training the first 15 apprentices. After three years, the first apprentices are self-employed, manufacture the desired watch parts and deliver them to long. But the quantities are initially low.
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1852: Founding of the Watch Manufactory Julius Assmann
But the Glassworks watchmaking is a success story. Closely related to this is Julius Assmann (1827 – 1886). With the support of Ferdinand Adolph Lange, who is also mayor of Glashütte, he founded 1852 the» Watch Factory J. Assmann «in Glashütte. His pocket watches will soon be known for precision and beauty outside of Germany and will receive numerous awards at national and international exhibitions. Assmann also acquires great merits in the creation of the German watchmaking school Glashütte and the training of the apprentices. After the death of Moritz Grossmann in the year 1885, Julius Assmann becomes chairman of the supervisory Board of the watchmaking school. After his early death, his son Paul Assmann successfully leads the company forward.
1854: Founding of the watch manufacturer Moritz Grossmann
During his time with Ferdinand Adolph, Carl was already a friend of his life in Dresden. This connection shapes his whole life. After years of wandering, which also lead him to the Swiss watch Metropolis La Chaux-de-Fonds, to England, France, Denmark and Sweden, Grossmann 1854 is settled in Glashütte and specializes in the manufacture of tools. He also produces gait models and fine pocket watches in It is mainly due to the development of the glassworks precision clocks and chronometers. In addition, Grossmann holds lectures, writes contributions for domestic and foreign trade journals and translates specialist books. It initiates the famous German watchmaking school Glashütte, which takes on 1 May 1878 its lessons.
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1855: Founding of the watchmaking manufacturer Adolf Schneider
Like Ferdinand Adolph Lange, Adolf Schneider has also visited the» Dresden Technical Education Institute «. His subsequent watchmaking apprenticeship at Gutkaes senior in Dresden ended in the year 1845. After that he followed Ferdinand Adolph Lange as an employee and consultant to Glashütte. Here Schneider initially works as the first plant manager of Adolph Lange & Cie. and also takes care of the teaching of the students. 1855 Schneider establishes his own watch fabrication. From 1867 until his death in the year 1878 he is mayor of the town of Glashütte.
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