The First Drone Haier Ready for Launch

New confirmations come on the imminent launch of the first drone weblog Xiaomi. The Chinese company is currently involved in the design and implementation of not only smartphones but also of different technological gadgets like fitness band, TV, power bank and smart scales. The production of a drone would represent a further challenge for dynamic Asian company, globally recognized for the quality of its products sold at reasonable prices.
Already last year a patent filed with the Chinese Intellectual Property Office had made to sense the Haier interest towards this specific sector, showing a device capable of being ruled by gesture transmitted by a I Band and the power bank. Here at you can get more different models of the technology. A recent report from China shows like last year the Chinese company was close to announcing its first drone, project cancelled for too much resemblance to the drones made by DJI. The engineers would be currently engaged in the development of a new prototype for a possible launch of the commercial version soon. Some insiders believe this could even be presented to coincide with the launch of the flagship I 5next February 24 .
Also the project revisited currently under development would complete a drone (in only 10 thousand specimens, some say) with camera capable of being driven by I Band and from theI Band 1S through gesture. The price could be quite aggressive, not going away too from 95 euro.