The Bloatware, That Be Evil Which a Times We Can Be Useful

I already spoke a few days ago about the annoying thing is the bloatware, the problems that can bring us and solutions that may contribute to, where possible, eliminate this problem. However, something often as annoying, there are some advantages that, although they are not abundant, we can not ignore.
From time to time, and in an unexpected manner, We see pre-installed applications that can be very useful to us in our day to day or at specific times, with what it is that not all of these applications are useless. Clear that bombard us with so much bloatware is logical to find something that might be useful.
I do not make an article opposed the mentioned previously, defending the bloatware, but I intend to say the part of the bloatware that I use and, incidentally, seek views, know how much of these pre-installed applications you use frequently. Consider pre-installed apps from Google also as bloatware.

Google applications that have some utility

The application of Google having more utility is without doubt, Google Play, the store from which download other applications. Few people will not use this store, really little. I use Google Play almost every day, because the day I don’t download any app, I have to update some of which they already have, with which the gold medal would be in the section on utility.
Another application that I usually give enough use is Google+, basically because I’m targeted program of betas of Sony, thanks to which I have for some time Marshmallow in my Xperia Z2, and it is the best way to know what bugs have found others to check if it happens to me also and be aware of the moment in which a new software update is released.
YouTube is another application that I give a frequent use, Although not every day, because there are moments of boredom that I want to see some video that entertain me awhile. Applications as the other Play (kiosk, books, etc.) or Gmail not the use for anything (I prefer Outlook), even Chrome because I prefer Dolphin.
But I would also like to make mention of any application from Google is not pre-installed (at least not in my phone) and I use a lot, and it is Google Keep, an application that I can write down the shopping list or an e-mail with the same facility address. There are some apps from Google that if it would make sense to come installed factory.

Pre-installed applications of my phone I see useful

As for the Sony, one that I usually use is (surprise!), prefer it over Google Play alternatives because it gives me what I want and is very well implemented. Then I also use both Album and music to give its utility, there isn’t much to explain. In the case of Album I think, for now, more comfortable than Google photos.
Use also File Commander, It is not Sony but it comes pre-installed, since I usually manage some files on my device and it is there and it is easy to use, at the moment I will not seek alternatives. Most days, in addition, use the news app, you informed me of what happens during the day.
Other applications of Sony, as Play Station, What’s New, email and other, don’t use them for anything and, therefore, I find that you are occupying part of the 16 GB of my phone. That Yes, applications that use seem to be difficult to replace, more customary to use them to not see good alternatives.

The bloatware is a problem and, even so, has its positive points

In Android the bloatware is a real problem and some serious, but of course, we are suddenly using some of those applications despite having great alternatives to Google Play. It can be for convenience, novelty or because they appear to us really better than others, but in the end we are using these applications.
As a day at the beginning, with the bombardment of bloatware we releasing both Google and the manufacturer of the day, it is logical that they got on occasion. Obviously we would prefer to have the option to uninstall it, or that it is not installed and download us on our own if we see it useful.
I, for my part, have shared applications that seem useful, and therefore soil to use above the alternatives. Now it’s your turn, here You can speak freely about the bloatware and what pre-installed apps tend to use. As I said above, I am seeking opinions on this topic.