The Best Jokes of The "April Fool's Day" 2014 on Android

Today is a day in which there is to be careful with the world news and announcements of companies, it’s April 1 the April Fool’s Day, the day of the innocents in countries such as France, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Finland or Japan.
Since yesterday many companies already started to throw his jokes to make the most entertaining day, as Google with its Pokémon Challenge, but there are many more pranks that we will see below, all of them relating to Google and Android.

Google Magic Hand

Google Japan He presented his new accessory for Android devices in society: Google Magic Hand, a gadget that gives a hand to touch the touch screen controlled by a joystick or keyboard with many supplements and alternative uses. Google Magic Hand It will prevent that we spot fingerprint screen, us break nails and be able to continue using our devices even though we have the broken finger.
More information | Google Japan

Google Play Signature Edition

The team of Google Play Lanzo Signature Edition so that they can send to your customers your applications on a USB into beautiful handmade boxes next to a role with the signing of the application.

Chrome for Android: translate to emoji

On the day of today Chrome for Android allows us to translate pages into English to Emoji, so only you have to select the new option Translate emoji It will appear in the menu of the application. It will replace some words by their corresponding emojis.
More information | Google Chrome Blog

Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge

Yesterday we saw Google Maps: Pokemon Challenge, in which through the application of Google Maps for Android us challenged to find the 150 Pokemon that are scattered around the world. We only have until April 2 to catch them.
More information | Google Maps Blog

Google + Photo Auto Awesome with David Hasselhoff

Google + photos announces the new automatic effect David Hasselhoff, in which famous actor of “Knight Rider” or “The Baywatch” will be shown in the middle of our photo.
More information | Google Blog

Gmail Shelfie

The selfies are fashionable, and why Gmail has announced for the desktop version Shelfie (SHareable sELFIE), so that we can share our selfie with our contacts and put it background. Then they have actually released the new theme “Shelfies fashion”.
More information | Gmail Blog

Chromecast, a success for squirrels

Google advises that Chromecast attachment has been a success for squirrels by surprise. Chromecast love these little rodents to enjoy from their trees of their videos and favorite music televisions. The Chrome team encourages developers to launch apps and content specific to squirrels.
More information | + Google Chrome

Nest on Virgin America planes

Nest, creator of the famous intelligent thermostat and property of Google, announced an agreement with the airline Virgin America to put a thermostat in each aircraft seat so each passenger can select the temperature in your area.
More information | Nest

SwiftKey Flow Hard

The team of the popular alternative keyboard for Android, SwiftKey, It announced its version for physical keyboards. With SwiftKey Flow Hard You can already slip toe hold by the physical keyboard to write the words.
More information | SwiftKey

HTC Gluvv

HTC presented Gluvv an accessory in the form of glove with a camera to connect your new HTC One M8 and use it in the arm as in the ancient futuristic movies.
More information | HTC

Samsung Fingers

Samsung also announced a smartphone in the form of glove. The Samsung Fingers would have in the Palm of the hand with a flexible touch screen, 4 GB of RAM, 32/64 GB of internal memory, 16 Megapixel camera, a sensor to measure the temperature of what you are playing, calls could be carried out, it would have solar charger and many gestures to perform actions.