The Bag Department Store

In the bag department store shooting were announced and we follow in the Middle at the making of the SOKO Leipzig : Bailey textile, which is broadcast in late summer. Our premises served as a backdrop. Of course also a murder here happened how to expect it at a crime…
For us, it was exciting to experience how to rotate as a result after all the murder mystery evenings in front of the TV, finally live. We were particularly curious of course on the criminal investigation Chief constables, played by Melanie Marschke, Andreas Schmidt-Schaller, Steffen Schroeder and Marco Girnth. We all know the latter from a period when we have looked every evening 17:30 “Among us” and experienced the life of the Saha Avenue.
Back to the SOKO Leipzig: brand new this is Nilam M. Farooq. She plays the Assistant Olivia Fareedi since 2013 and is no stranger to us. We know them by their video channel on YouTube: Daaruum . Here, we have evaluated already the one or another beauty tip in the Office, after styled hairstyles, or at least try…
In the days of the shooting, we were impressed by the energy that emanated from the team and the film set. So we wanted to chance don’t miss us, to ask for case preferences of those present. What came out here, you can read it in the two interviews:

Melanie Marschke – popular TV Commissioner in the interview

Melanie Mabalot is s time in 2001 in a main role of the criminal upper Commissioner Ina Zimmermann in SOKO Leipzig to see. We were able to sie when the sun shines , abfangen to ask her a few questions about their bag preference.
What do you like most about your role as Chief Inspector of upper Ina Zimmermann?
I like INA, that she is very focused and ambitious on the one hand, and on the job and relaxed and confidently enforce white. On the other hand, it can be, despite her career, emotional touch. It is private but am Straucheln, trying to satisfy their role as a mother, what often not always manage. INA embodies a very modern, authentic F igur the corresponds to the spirit of the age. Many working mothers are torn between work and family. I think that is the women with the figure of INA Zimmermann very strong can identify. I like that dear to my role.
Do you have a favorite bag?
Yes, today I got my everyday favorite bag Toronto L Jost. She is a true all-rounder, very practical, simple, and with much class! Here my screenplays, drinks, my laptop and all sorts of other things fit into maps. Of course, also the bright red is a real eye-catcher. By the way, I bought the bag in the bag Department. (Editor’s Note: a coincidence, which we had not anticipated or planned.)
If you leave the House, what three things have always with this?
All good things come in threes – wallet, cell phone and my keys. I don’t need any more.
If you were a bag, how would you describe himself?
I would be a relatively large pocket in an intense color, very handy with that certain something. Definitely not, I’d be a chick bag.

Anja – creative outdoor Requisiteurin in the interview

In addition to the actors, there were many hard-working helpers, which have turned into a fascinating movie setting bag department store. One of them is Anja Heinicke, who we have asked some questions.
What you like to your job like?
I work as external Requisiteurin in the SOKO Leipzig, and am involved again and again in other film projects. Last year I made a historical movie with Andreas Dresen. This was very exciting, because I met a lot of interesting people. For several weeks we have lived in a completely different era. The way back is difficult often in everyday life after such a shoot. Despite all this, I love it in the different life situations and worlds to think inside me and accordingly to make the scenery with props. I will probably never experience I would not work in the film, this diversity. That makes me incredibly happy.
Do you have a favorite bag?
Today I have my aunts & uncles bag (Editor’s Note: model walnut) here! But the former bath bag of my grandma is my lovely bag. Actually she wanted to get rid of the bag, but I could save you again before the ton. My job entails so, that I can hardly part of many things. Everything could be suitable for a prop in the film. The bag is box-shaped with large handles, which can be worn over the shoulders anyway. It is washable and decorated with a beautiful floral pattern. When I really think about it, the bag is very special. I prefer wear it as a backpack.
If you were a bag, how would you describe yourself?
I’m rather colored as plain. You can hang to me, anyway. I’m rather tall as small with many, many small compartments. It fit much in me, but please always nicely sorted. I’m not interrupting, but swing with just.
Thank you for the interview and dipping into the exciting world of the film. We are was already cocked when the new season finally starts and is to see the result, which filmed in part in the bag department store.