The Art of the Written Word – the Fountain Pen

»The ink is probably taught us, but annoys her, where she does not belong. Written word is beaded equal; an ink blot a bad prank«, has already produced Johann Wolfgang von Goethe the pros and cons of spring keel on the point. In the digital age, however, ruled the electronic word. But the fountain pen is actually just a relic of a forgotten culture of writing long? The Gentleman Blog looks back to the beginnings of this nostalgic writing utensils and reveals what US President keeps until today the record for the most ink.

Waterman & the end of the Inkblot

The birth of the modern fountain pen dates back to the year 1883. Its inventor was certainly no expert, but an insurance broker from New York named Lewis Edson Waterman. Actually, Waterman separated only a single signature from a deal he had laboriously prepared for weeks. But just at the moment of the conclusion of the contract ‘ spilled out of used fountain pens on papers and nullified the previous work with a big blob of ink. Making a new copy, however, was the patience of his customers too much on the test so that those handed left the Office and signed later in the competition.
Now necessity is the famously inventive. Because the same evening, so is at least the tradition, brooding over the infamous pen Waterman. His idea was as simple as it is ingenious: he simply drilled a small hole in the spring, and the ink was spread evenly thanks to the principle of capillary in writing. At a stroke, the fountain pen of steel was defunct. Already in the following year, the insurance business was long forgotten, Waterman brought his model to the market and thus permanently revolutionized the nature of writing. The filler established itself as an integral part of the domestic households – today based on the principle founded by Waterman fountain pen.

Of the Noter to a mass product

Ink and pen before Waterman in use were of course. Already in 1636, the mathematics professor Daniel Schwentner developed a spring with three slid into each other Gänsekielen, which was later replaced by the durable metal spring and modernized by Waterman from Altdorf. It was followed by a series of other pioneers of the writing industry: notably George Parker in the United States, while in Germany, Friedrich Soennecken talk about made, we can thank the Rundschriftfeder.
In the beginning of the 20th century, today well-known companies such as Pelican, MONTBLANC, Faber-Castell is specialized in the popular writer and actually had any gentleman, something is holding an elegant fountain pen for a while. «Today the black green striped filler of Pelican is considered worldwide the company, where he fans rather under the name» Stresemann «should be known. 1950 yet pragmatic model 400 christened, established himself the nickname in reference to the striped suits of former Chancellor of the Weimar Republic.

Great competition for the fountain pen

A few years later the heyday of the fountain pen however took an abrupt end. First, the filler by ballpoint pens, felt – and gel pens had to cope with two major setbacks and was almost completely obsolete with the invention of the typewriter, photocopier and computer.

The death of the fountain pen

One thing is out of the question. There are worlds between typing on the keyboard and write with a pen. The advantages of Smartphone, Tablet and PC are clearly obvious: an E-Mail is quickly typed. The auto correction pieces comfortably grammatical Misdoings, Word finding problems can be solved easily using the synonym function and even with the former Corpus Delicti, greasy fingers, the text on the display remains unaffected. The digitized Word led to the negligence. More and more come orthography and style in the background – in many places, the communication is similar to in the social networks of the shorthand.
»There are some poets, who need four things: a good rhyme on love, pen, ink and paper“, summed up yet Heinz Erhardt. Today, it is hard to imagine that you wrote down once long letters and books with a fountain pen without Tintenlöscher, not to mention auto correction. Those who attack and even to the filler, know: the writing is far more conscious, selected in the expression, the author considered two or three times, he wants to bring what to papers. Finally, the trouble, to begin, when even the Tintenlöscher helpless lowers his head from the front is too large. So actually outdated is the filler? The relic of a bygone culture of writing?

The Renaissance of the written word

Long time the ink had its existence largely in the shadows – he was, however, never completely disappeared. Undeniably, exudes a nostalgic charm the traditional writing and emphasizes the individuality of its owner. It’s surprising how much graphologists from the manuscript to read mean. Today someone learn the handwriting also traditionally with filler and ink and in other areas, the fountain pen is always a fixed size. American Presidents use the classic writing in a very special way.
As it is in the United States at the signing of important documents commonplace, that the President for each letter of his name is a different ink to hand. With this cumbersome tradition, the head of State ensures that the participants at the end will receive a copy as a keepsake, inasmuch as the name has the sufficient length. But even a short name is not an obstacle.
Barack Obama used 22 filler for his health-care reform by joining the filler already halfway through a letter. With this number the currently ruling President was still relatively modest, you are to believe the legend of Johnson. He should have needed to sign the Civil Right Acts not less than 100 units and demanded a lot of patience from the MEPs in this way. But so that we would be reached even at the most important venues of the modern fountain pen, the luxury accessories.

Fountain pen as a luxury symbol

In times of stressed individualization, elaborately crafted fountain pens especially considered popular collector’s items and status symbols, of course not, the standard models from the stationery shop around the corner. Instead, well-known manufacturers rely on luxury editions in limited editions.
Design, spring width and material can be chosen according to personal taste. The principle goes on. Especially among men, a fountain pen by fine design is a familiar sight, he is considered as a popular gift for loved ones, friends, acquaintances or colleagues. Like many ‘ one given the exorbitant prices also disbelieve the head shake, the fountain pen is reflected in its classic shape but timeless compared to short-term fashion trends.
«Pelikan was kind enough to us a piston fountain pen in their premium line»sovereign”to make, which we would like to draw. Condition: Post the rate that a true gentleman with ink should bring to paper here in the comments. The most creative entry WINS. The deadline is Friday, 18 March, at exactly 12: 00.
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