That's Why the Celebrities Wear Bigger Shoes

Of course, anyone who is an observer knows that among the celebrities lately there is a tendency to use one-to-two-figure shoes larger than they actually fit in social events.

In the we decided to find out if this is a ridiculous idiom or if there are more serious reasons.
To attend social events, celebrities often place high heels of one or two numbers larger than theirs for a very important reason. This trick helps to protect the feet from swelling.
That’s because stars have to wear jumps for hours.Sometimes events last all night or even longer.His feet end up swelling and the shoe ends up hurting.
So that the use of the jump does not become synonymous with discomfort, one way is to use a larger size. Another advantage of this trick is that larger shoes do not cause blisters because they do not have direct contact with the most sensitive areas of the feet.
Stellar stylists use this trick every day: inside the shoes they glue special silicone insoles, which allow the feet not to slip. Thus they avoid the ‘Cinderella effect’. As a result, the shoes look beautiful, but do not pinch the feet, do not interrupt the blood circulation, and therefore do not cause swelling
Another secret measure is the double-sided tape, which also helps that the bigger shoes do not leave the feet.
Of course, usually this trick is used when the dress covers the shoe – although lately the celebrities have used so much that they often do not mind showing it.