Terminal equipment & friends (26)

Friends – reliable friends at climbing

Why active clamping devices of the most climbers not active clamping devices are referred to as is fairly logical. The word is simply too long and is relatively meaningless. Cam or friend feels better and these terms are well-known among climbers. Where an American, French or Swedish mountaineers with the term “Terminal device” can do much, he knows when a friend immediately. But where are actually the strange names of active devices?

Where the climbing friend his name is:

, The friends were the first active clamping devices, which were produced in series and were available on the market. The inventor of the system was the American climber Ray Jardine. Prior to the launch and release his new invention he wanted to test of course this rock to make another first improvements. He took so the devices, which had no name at this time, to the climbing. < br / > so in the climbing scene, no one got wind of the new devices and no potential competitors could become aware of, he needed a code name. Ray Jardine went to climbing and took with him his “friends” – the term of friends was born and remained even after the market introduction get. < br / > the original terminal devices were in wild country, applied the English hardware specialists and are traded under the name of friends there still today (in the ever more optimized form). All other active devices are strictly speaking not friends, this is the protected trade names of wild country. Due to the great popularity, the name has but in the vernacular for all terminal devices for climbing (in friend-like construction) naturalized. < br / > to bypass the friend’s brands, the term cam has become in English. Which is the abbreviation for caming device, which means nothing else than – clamping device! Only that the word cam sounds less bulky than its German counterpart.

What is now actually a friend to climb?

, A friend, or cam, is a means for the mobile protection of mountaineering and sport climbing. He is an active Terminal device and ‘active’ also the distinguishing feature compared to other backup media is in the term. In contrast to clamp wedges or Pitons, the friend actively retains its position. This is achieved by a spring system, which puts the clamps on the sides of Rocky rift. < br / > the feathers hold the appliance only on the spot. The clamping action, which begins the fall, is achieved by a simple physical principle. At a fall of the friend of the fall direction would like to follow, there are a load of the axis on which the jaws are suspended. By this strain, the jaws are pushed outwards and jamming in the surrounding rock. The principle works best in dry, non-slip and parallel cracks. Humidity, ice, very smooth rock structures and brittle surfaces can significantly reduce the holding force – you need a lot of experience that’s why when creating a friends!