The TeNo company can look back on a family tradition in its approaches. The actual initial spark for today’s success was only in the year 2000, what the current success is based. This success however is well-founded, and points the way to the future as regards the design and production of jewelry especially.

Young, fresh and yet modern conservative
So the company TeNo introduces herself and so also the jewellery can be described to this company. This is reflected also in the company’s philosophy, which clearly aims to be a counterweight in the form of long-lasting designs the usual short-term trends, and this also with traditional materials to contact. But also colors and shapes aim to offer to the customers a product that goes far beyond a trend. Own identification with the product is front, and manages to combine modern and traditional values. Current expression of this is the new collection of TeNo YuKoN. Whether bracelet, chain or necklace, with the collection of YuKoN brings not only new trends in the fashion industry TeNo, but giving the customer exactly this feeling, he belongs. The different pieces of jewelry that can be online individually, and each customer can transfer just his personality on his piece of jewelry. It is also interesting that the jewelry of TeNo is brilliant as unisex both for him but also for them, and the customer can customize also identical jewelry for themselves, explained by SPORTSQNA. When you consider this, that right now in the pre-Christmas time many am are superior to what they give their loved ones, so you can go on also on the special offers, which are in TeNo currently available online. Individuality, creativity and respect for traditional value in modern design, this is TeNo and produces this also very clearly about its products.
Creativity and product diversity
TeNo’s products are fixated not on specific gender, but give the familiar unisex character a special flair. The high-tech manufacture of TeNo brings a brilliant processing on the market and in the design is based on an internationally recognized Designercrew. Exclusive materials are applied. In addition to gold and diamonds are also pearls but also stainless steel. The high-quality materials in a unique design read is then individually put together, so that the customer receives his personal piece of jewelry. In addition to the jewelry collections also watches in noble design are available, which his peers are looking for. For interested customers, “Fashion Insider” offers a matching game of profit which pleasures of pre-Christmas exact match in that time brings.