Teen Decor

They are no longer children, but not adults. Your children may be at this stage of transition-adolescence-and decorate their room is not as simple as it seems. In addition to beautiful, the space has to be functional and ready to receive prints, furniture and accessories to reaffirm the taste of short people.
Bold Tones
The compact environment was thought for a teenager of strong personality, bold, determined and, at the same time, romantic. The space has as main highlight the blue background and large flowers in shades of pink. The play bonding takes over an entire wall and gives life to the room, with discreet outfit.
The whole environment has a modern atmosphere with light colors and subtle brushstrokes of blue. The furniture are well distributed in space of 8.19 m², with bed, wardrobe, bedside table, desk and mirror Panel with hooks for hanging. The mirrored wall help in the task of enlarging the area with grace and style, as well as promote emphasis on adhesive wall. To complete, a solar-screen almost imperceptible, fulfills the function of protect from sunlight, creating a cosy atmosphere.
The silver clock and flashy is in harmony with the modern room and strong colors. To facilitate in choosing and decorating, the teenager owns the space, let your favorite bags hanging on a MDF panel.
Modern Romantic
With an air of refinement, the preteen’s room merges elements of nature, like floral prints, Leopard, White leather, carpet and leather minipoltrona encapadas boxes. The sky-blue tone, in conjunction with mirrors, crystals and classic design furniture, prints class, while the black on the prints and the pending breaks the monotony. The environment also has the modern design with noble materials, poás, heart shaped Ottomans and light fixtures in the corner. The wall stickers that depict nature and niches cut guarantee beauty and organization.
The combination of black and blue hues, attached to theme nature, brings elegance to the bedding. Heart shaped Ottomans have transparent casters and serve at the table. The wall stickers that depict nature and niches cut out. Pure design. Classical-inspired pieces are mixed with noble materials and prints of poá fun.
Different Brothers
With 12 and 14 years, the brothers didn’t want to heroes-themed rooms and games. The mother, on the other hand, thought in the future and asked for spaces that would last for a long time. The solution found was to invest in colors and objects according to the preference of each. Both rooms have the same space; carpentry structure and layout are also equal.
The environment and details on vibrant green color was thought to the eldest son, expansive and talkative boy. For the younger brother, introspective boy, a room in shades of blue. The colors give life and personality to each of the environments. The great advantage of the project, however, fca on the desk attached to a rail, which makes it possible for the mobile move for the entire length of the bed. The idea is practical and provides easy adaptation.
Drawers under the bed always help to save space and share things from each of the brothers. Mark the panels not only individuality, but the stools also help maintain this subtle invisible Division.