Technology that Breaks into the Wardrobe

The technology has invaded the fashion market and designers got in outfits for those who practice physical activity. The clothes for sports and people who attend gyms are lighter and retain body heat, preventing sweat drain and trouble during the exercises.
Other tissues promise to stop the action of ultraviolet rays, harmful to skin. And the polyamide Microfiber provide high breathability, weightlessness and thermal comfort. The market has evolved so much that already exists the t-shirt-antiperspirant, made common mesh. She has different appears only under a microscope. The fibers of the fabric, developed in France, contain tiny capsules filled with substances antiperspirants that prevent the formation of sweat or carry perfume.
The clothes that do not ensopam in the rain or drench’d in the heat receive a substance called fluorocarbon, popularly known by one of his trademarks, teflon, which prevents fat from sticking in the pan. To get an idea of how it works, a football player, after 90 minutes of departure, the shirt of the athlete can weigh up to 1 pound, with sweat. With this tissue, the rest evaporates quickly without accumulate.
The market is full of products effective against sweat. Check out the selection we made for you and good exercise!

UV Accessories Line

All brand products, including accessories and clothing, have a specially developed technology to stop the action of ultraviolet rays. The hat and griding gloves have 50 protection factor against UVA and UVB radiation and 98%. Made in polyamide (fabric light, fresh and fast-drying), the CAP still has a bacteriostatic effect, which helps to control the proliferation of bacteria and the stench. Non-slip gloves protect your hands against stains and aging. Are ideal for driving and riding.

Tops Track & Field

The collection of one of the favorite brands of athletes, in all parts, cutouts, lean and modeling combination of high-performance fabrics with different textures. The Power ® Soft, produced with polyamide microfibers, provides thermal comfort and air permeability, the fabric has a smooth aspect (Power) on the inside and a finish sanded and navalhado on the outside (Soft), offering better performance to the athlete.

Pants Body for sure

The pants are made Fast tissue, developed in polyamide Microfiber, providing high breathability, weightlessness and thermal comfort. Features such as soft touch, lightness and not sticky effect to the body. This is an easy-care product: easy to wash and fast drying.

Umbro Shirts

The holes in the fabric makes it more efficient than cotton, regulating body temperature.The pieces, available in male and female versions, absorb sweat and are fast drying, reducing the discomfort and the diaper rash caused by friction with damp clothes.

Ecological t-shirt New Balance

With 100% recycled wire, unheard of in the country, the shirt is super-light and biodegradable. In addition to having all the recycled polyester filaments, the t-shirt has Lightning Dry technology, which makes the transport of moisture and, therefore, does not become wet with sweat. The template is available in the colors black, white and yellow.

Blouse Body for sure

The piece is ideal for those who like to work out without losing the charm. The fabric, named eurokaran, is made of polyamide yarn, which gives high elasticity, fit well, touch cold and firm structure and body. Its textured surface looks similar to plan tissue, with the difference that the mesh provides comfort. Its firm structure is perfect for cutting parts of tailoring.