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Your Water Bottle Will Be Made with Paper and Wood

The Naturall Bottle Alliance is a partnership between Danone, Nestlé Waters and Original Materials, and aims to produce a new generation of bio plastic

With bottled water reaching new heights around the world, and bearing in mind that PET packaging plastics are highly polluting, persisting in the environment for 100 years, it is no wonder that companies are looking for environmentally sustainable solutions and Responsible.

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Water Filters Water Bottles

Well equipped against the thirst: drinking bottles

The right hydration system be missing on any tour! Whether folding bottle or water bag: on short trips over heat the right water supply is just as important as when multi day tours through the tundra. Learn here about the choice of the appropriate drinking system.

Find the right water bottle

When selecting the water bottle is the type and size to consider. For long trips and those in hot weather is the big bottle of a variant with only a half-liter capacity preferable. Also, not every water bottle in any situation is practicable. A stable (E.g. Nalgene on http://www.waterbottlesshop.com/buy/cycling-water-bottles/) bottle works well for very sportive tours due to the ease of use one-handed. However, a folding bottle (E.g., Platypus) excels with flexible volume for backpacking.

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