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Dining in Kitchen Design

Fancy a little friendly dining in your kitchen? Follow the guide Marie Claire Maison! Choice of furniture, layout, small decoration, we explain you everything.

The kitchen is not only the place where it is good fussing behind the stove to whip up delicious food. It is also the place where it is pleasant to come together to share a meal in duo or more or be able to take in a hurry his
little breakfast solo simply. To create a diningworthy of the name in his kitchen, just make the space offered by smart furnishings and a sense of the organization. Here are three basic tips to build a friendly dining.

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Geek Decoration

The Geek decoration is a fun and modern way to renew the style of the House of people who like the world of technology, games, comic books, movies and serials. One of the ways to bring pop culture into the home, the Geek table decor is a practical and versatile option to have a lively and full meal of innovative objects without modifying the furnishings.

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