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Alessia Novelli mia’s

Two lawyers and a passion for fashion and creativity: are Alessia Novelli and Gianpaolo Pastro. The idea of ​​the symbol of tie knot is born of bracelets Mia’s collection. Bijoux but also t-shirt.

Fresh, summer, but also perfect to give a little ‘color to gray winter; of different colors, materials and 100% Made in Italy. We’re talking about MIA’s bracelets, the project created by professional groups-and sentimental-formed by Alessia Novelli and Gianpaolo Pastro. Young (under 30 years) after having studied law, Alessia and Gianpaolo decide to give shape to their passion for fashion, creating this line of bracelets, later expanded with a collection oft-shirts, known throughout Italy and at the level international. You know those held together by knots’ iconic anchor ? Here, they are the creators of this summer 2014. phenomenon We met them in Milan, during the party that celebrated the birthday of the brand. We had a chat with Alessia, who told us the story of a passion that became an adventure and today a real success profession…

About two years ago from an idea that we had and I Gianpaolo. Although at the time we worked in a law firm, we decided to create something new, starting from the common passion for fashion andaccessories . Thanks to the web, Facebook and Instragram above all, almost immediately the brand has become a phenomenon. Just from social networks started the network to our stores, that in this way we have loved and known, spread throughout Italy. The first to believe in us were the cities of Milan and Forte dei Marmi.

Do not you have your own brand boutique?
Not yet. At the moment we prefer to focus on another type of distribution, which is not based on the amount, to the mat, but on quality. We do not want to fill the shops with our products: we have chosen a good distribution in strategic locations and selected.

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How to Use: Skater Skirt

A skirt that values ​​everyone and is still a grace. I’m talking about the skirt skater. It is a high waist skirt that goes to the knees (or before) in a silhouette in A. It is like a skirt godê, but without so much “affectation”.It has few pleats – enough to give movement when we walk – and is usually made of lighter fabric.So it looks good on any body:it does not make too much volume on the hip. Continue reading How to Use: Skater Skirt

How to Use Work Clothes for the Weekend?

Reached that time of the month we have the pleasure of answering questions!

The question for today is from Leticia:

“Wanted tips on how to use social clothes out of the workplace. I have many social and shirts and pants, as I’m not working at the moment, they’re frozen in closet. How to use without seeming silly or too fashionable? ” Continue reading How to Use Work Clothes for the Weekend?

Marina Ruy Barbosa in a Bikini in Totally Awesome

Marina Ruy Barbosa uses the cropped novel scenes bikini totally awesome

The bikini cropped took care of the beaches this summer! The model is similar to the clothing worn by women who practice water sports and playing sand volleyball, known as single sport. However, were redesigned and won, frilled, some are shorter, others longer, single, long sleeve, shoulder to shoulder, and so on. The most commonly used model is what we call a halter top, one that is completely closed in front and leave the back loose. Continue reading Marina Ruy Barbosa in a Bikini in Totally Awesome