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How to Choose the Perfect Jeans

How To Choose The Right Jeans For Your Body

The jeans is one of the most basic pieces that a woman can have in your wardrobe.This is the kind of clothes that we can use on several occasions, especially in everyday life, in everyday and informal moments. However, to have a play Joker as this is I need it to be well chosen, respecting the design of your body. See which model is best suited for your biotope: Continue reading How to Choose the Perfect Jeans

Winter Survival Kit

I’m at home, away from the rush of Floripa Fashion, trying to make a final balance of the event. I relied on the posts, reviewed the photos and looked at each comment with affection (many of them criticizing, it’s true, but criticism is who receives the most criticism, doing what?) And in that revival of madness that was last week had a post that called me the attention, said that the blog amused more than the parades. I think that was the idea to pass some information in a light and fun way, especially for those who could not keep up with the event up close. Of course everything in the most seriousness. Believe it or not. Continue reading Winter Survival Kit