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Women’s Fashion Vests

Women’s Vests 2013-Templates And How To Use

The vest is a piece that is coming back for a while, but recently now seems to have gained more strength. There are a few seasons they appeared cold stations, mainly in by false and synthetic. Now, for the 2013 summer, they appear in cooler materials, such as fabrics, blazer, jeans and also in ecological leather for looks. Continue reading Women’s Fashion Vests

Henley Shirt Men, to Inspire and Where to Find

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?:) Remember the post of shirts that are up to 2016, right?One of the models that is very strong is the Henley Shirt and then to highlight it in that I got várias content questions about, to post more inspirations and to indicate places to find, then request accepted, right, decided to separate the space of today for good!  Continue reading Henley Shirt Men, to Inspire and Where to Find