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Winter Fashion Riachuelo

Collection Autumn/Winter 2013 The Riachuelo

Autumn has already started and, therefore, most brands of great importance nationally complete disclosure of their new collections for the cold season. The Riachuelo, which is among these brands, is a network of fast-fashion famous for bringing always great inspirations and accessible versions of the main current fashion trends. Check out all about the new collection for the autumn/winter of 2013: Continue reading Winter Fashion Riachuelo

Women’s Hats, Models, How to Use

ome time ago fashionable women wore hats to protect their skin from the sun’s rays, as the white skin was synonymous with high society royalty. Over the years the hats were getting forgotten and the tan on the skin caused by the sun’s rays became synonymous with beauty and healthy skin, only that the greed of men was destroying nature in such a way that he began to fight back and havoc that the sun’s rays cause human skin because of the absence of the ozone layer in many cases are irreparable. To solve this problem in a more elegant way the designers have gone back to the past and in a creative way have launched the modern retro fashion of wearing hats. Continue reading Women’s Hats, Models, How to Use