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Winter Fashion Riachuelo

Collection Autumn/Winter 2013 The Riachuelo

Autumn has already started and, therefore, most brands of great importance nationally complete disclosure of their new collections for the cold season. The Riachuelo, which is among these brands, is a network of fast-fashion famous for bringing always great inspirations and accessible versions of the main current fashion trends. Check out all about the new collection for the autumn/winter of 2013: Continue reading Winter Fashion Riachuelo

Riachuelo Fashions

Considered one of the three largest networks of Brazil’s Department, the Riachuelo was founded in 1947 and, at first, sold only tissues. Only from 1979 is the network of lojas Riachuelo, now belonging to the Guararapes, went on to start the sale of clothes ready in place. However, your focus to fashion, if given even in the year of 1993, where he developed a great strategy of creating and strengthening of own brands, each with a visual identity and specific audience. Continue reading Riachuelo Fashions