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Hector’s Diaper Shower

Hello fashionásticos! All right???

Today’s post is very special. It’s about all the details that I did for my diapers tea, Prince Hector.

The tea was all organized in a month with the help of my mother and my husband. I did all the tea stationery design based on balloons and clouds, it was the decor that I wanted from the beginning of pregnancy. Have Word balloons to decorate the Brigadier of spoon and tags for souvenirs and cachepôs written “Hector’s tea”. Got a love!

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Physical Activities During Gestation for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very long-awaited moment by many women and also requires many special care, and for moms on call who are in search of tips to have a peaceful and healthy gestation, I bring some hints of physical activities during gestation, so you have a safe and peaceful pregnancy.
Looks of parties to use in pregnancy
Many women have doubts whether practicing physical exercises do well during pregnancy and if it does not hurt for the baby, for you can stay calm because it does very well yes and brings your benefits so that you can have a more peaceful pregnancies and also assists in the labor time, especially for those who opt for normal childbirth, because practicing physical exercises during pregnancy helps in dilation in the labor process.
Hiking and lightweight exercises during pregnancy brings many benefits such as prevention of diseases during pregnancy as pre-eclampsia, which is the increase in blood pressure that causes swelling in the hands and face, and also helps to have more chances of your baby born to birth normal.

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