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Enamel Paint for Nails

The time for a manicure is always short. Unfortunately there is often found to get the enamel late at night, after work, he has fixed up the house and who has them, that putting children to sleep. The hands, however, are important: are our business card. And if other areas of the body can hide them, they do not. They are always on display. There are glazes that we like to consider magic, which can be of great help to have perfect nails. Continue reading Enamel Paint for Nails

Camouflage Nails: Trends of Reconstruction and Nail Art

What is the meaning of camouflage? How is it applied on the nails? What are the gel to be used?Here’s all you need to know about the camouflage technique and nail trends 2012, direct from NY City!

Nail Camouflage technique is to reconstruct the nail so that it looks as natural as possible. To do this, the cosmetic case that specialise in nail design have developed more and more perfect products and techniques to obtain a new nail bed completely rebuilt, as well as a perfect shape of the nail in his C-shape. Continue reading Camouflage Nails: Trends of Reconstruction and Nail Art

Enamels Summer 2010: Purple Nails

French manicure goodbye. After years of supremacy, the style that ruled the roost on the nails around the world leaves the throne in favor of new colors and much more gritty.

The tones such as white, beige or pink abdicate from the realm of fashion and in their place new peep palette full of charm. First of all, the purple.

Far from being a typical winter shades, purple dominates the nails for spring-summer 201 0 and it does it in all its aspects: from dark to light passing through the lilac. Also see how to care your nails on Thenailmythology.com. Continue reading Enamels Summer 2010: Purple Nails

Nail Gel

The hands play an important role in everyday life; They have the power to make us safe or uncomfortable at all times. This is why it becomes increasingly important to care. Among the various existing techniques, the gel appears to be one of the fastest nails reconstruction methods. There are several types, each with its own characteristics and its own specific functions.
Today we talk about the reconstruction in gel nails on the hands and feet. Personally I love this technique and the run for years because, as you probably all know, the well-groomed nails are essential to the beauty of the hands and even the feet. Sometimes the nails can present an aspect not shiny, healthy as it should be, and it is in those cases that this process is useful;not only to have beautiful nails in every occasions so, but also for other types of reasons:

• In the presence of nails “bitten”

It is nail biting, and to overcome the problem, you can use products to use on the nail or opt for reconstruction in gel or acrylic.

• In the case of brittle nails.

The fact that the present grooves or nails from breaking easily often indicates lack of minerals or vitamins, weakening of the physical state of the person, or exposure to corrosive media (such as detergents from Ewenzhou.info). Also here you can take action to improve health by making use of nail enamels reinforcing or resorting to the reconstruction in gel or acrylic, allowing the nail to grow and reach the desired length.

Continue reading Nail Gel