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Winter Fashion Riachuelo

Collection Autumn/Winter 2013 The Riachuelo

Autumn has already started and, therefore, most brands of great importance nationally complete disclosure of their new collections for the cold season. The Riachuelo, which is among these brands, is a network of fast-fashion famous for bringing always great inspirations and accessible versions of the main current fashion trends. Check out all about the new collection for the autumn/winter of 2013: Continue reading Winter Fashion Riachuelo

Mega Fashion Produces Pole for the First Time

The Mega Polo fashion, the country’s largest wholesale Mall, landed in the city of Lisbon, in Portugal, to photograph your summer campaign. The Tagus River and the historic streets of the city gave life to the new campaign, which will be presented in the first leg in Mega Fashion Week, which takes place between 23 and 25 July in São Paulo. Continue reading Mega Fashion Produces Pole for the First Time

How to Take Care of Your Clothes

Being well dressed also involves maintenance of clothes. This is a must and that is not necessarily obvious when one comes face to face with the washing machine. If you are subscribed to my newsletter, you have already discovered some of my favorite tips to take care of your laundry. I remind you that you can subscribe to receive tips by e-mail that I do not share that with my subscribers readers. The form is just right!

Continue reading How to Take Care of Your Clothes

Ateen Launches Winter Collection Entitled Glam Rock

The winter of 2017 Ateen revisits his roots and take your inspiration often in rock ‘n’ roll to a new level. Against the backdrop of the American television series Vinyl, which depicts the backstage of a label of the years 70 in New York, the collection highlights elements of glam rock style. The perfume seventies is evident in parts of wet black velvet, which combined with flowing silk gowns balance sophistication and defiance. The neckline of blouses and dresses moves up, getting closer to the coldest season, but without losing the sexy footprint with delicate fabrics and transparencies. Continue reading Ateen Launches Winter Collection Entitled Glam Rock

Boots Women’s Boots

Made of waterproof material-like rubber, leather, vinyl, plastic, and without laces, the galoshes are successful in winter and leave, instantly, any look more hip and fun. But it wasn’t always that they were journeying the world fashion, in fact, the fad of galoshes is very recent. Before, the galoshes were used by people working in plantations, in companies or in places that needed greater protection to the feet, to avoid the risk of accidents, besides also being part of the uniform of the firemen and footwear required, for example, between employees of cleaning companies. Continue reading Boots Women’s Boots

Women’s Jeans

Women always seek to be within all the trends of the fashion world, and for this you need to innovate your wardrobe with a certain frequency, because every season great news related to fashion.But it is not all people who have the favorable financial conditions to buy clothes frequently, if this is your case the recommended is to bet on parts that can be used for several years, ie clothes that are not out of fashion. Continue reading Women’s Jeans

How to Use Work Clothes for the Weekend?

Reached that time of the month we have the pleasure of answering questions!

The question for today is from Leticia:

“Wanted tips on how to use social clothes out of the workplace. I have many social and shirts and pants, as I’m not working at the moment, they’re frozen in closet. How to use without seeming silly or too fashionable? ” Continue reading How to Use Work Clothes for the Weekend?

What a Bra Should I Use?

Like the neckline Gypsy? See suggestions of bras to accompany ciganinha blouse and the Gypsy dress, next spring/summer trends!

If you like fashion and likes to keep up with the trends on the Internet have probably noticed a strong trend coming around: the Gypsy neckline, shoulder to shoulder neckline that super charming and feminine that gives a touch of sensuality in any look.

In different textures, fabrics and prints, some with more details other more basic, it’s worth investing in a ciganinha shirt to accompany more fluid skirts and pants, and of course: pay enough attention in her bra! Continue reading What a Bra Should I Use?

Peep Toe Shoe Models-Know More

National success among women the model of  peep toe  shoe,it features the rounded tip with opening that gives spaces for the little fingers to stand the show, the heel can be varied large, small, thin or thick.  Different from many shoes like the scarpins the peep toe can be used with different types of clothes like: jeans, social, dress, shorts and skirts, can be of different colors and prints following fashion trends regarding the season. Continue reading Peep Toe Shoe Models-Know More