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With the Jeans the Mobile Control, Interactive Furniture and Carpets

Google collaborates with Levi’s in a smart jeans, which among other things is capable to control the mobile phone. Calls can, for example, by wiping gesture (paint over your Pocket) are accepted without having to get the cell phone or Smartphone out of the Pocket. Continue reading With the Jeans the Mobile Control, Interactive Furniture and Carpets

Check out Some of the Materials

The Motorola made it clear he wants to strengthen its ties with the consumer. The recently launched Moto Maker is already proof of this: the site will allow users to personalize a smartphone in person, being able to choose covers-“Moto Shells”-, colors and even configuration of the device, among other addendums.

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Apple Patent: Are iPhone 6 Camera Lens Replaceable?

Apple has once again visited the Patent Office and introduced a concept of interchangeable camera lenses. Now arises the question whether this will be the technology with the upcoming iPhone in the battle for the best Smartphone camera will draw.

Apple’s patent application describes two different fixtures with those lenses and other camera articles could be attached to an electronic device such as the iPhone. In both cases it is mechanical fixings without magnets. Why Apple patented equal to two brackets and how the whole system could work then, results from the application itself:

So a camera component directly on the Smartphone is inserted and can be used as a mounting bracket and the adjusting screw for the second component. A lens is attached to this again then. Now turn this along with the second bracket against the direction of rotation the first fixing the focal length can be set now with a zoom lens.

Patent Application too Late for Next-Generation iPhone?

The ability to attach different lenses on the iPhone 6, would certainly be a selling point for the device and a weighty factor in the next race for the Crown of the best Smartphone camera. So this would be to wish, it is also questionable whether the technology could be used actually in the iPhone 6. First rumors say that the production of the next iPhone had already begun. The patent application would be for the next generation probably slightly too late. On the other hand, Apple has significantly strengthened even our own Department for camera technology…

Apple Photos: OS X Beta Reveals Successor To iPhoto

Since he is so: photos, which at WWDC 2014 announced successor to Apple’s previous albums apps iPhoto and aperture. Published in the Thursday evening X beta version of OS (or operating system)10.10.3 already presented the new app and will soon start in a public beta test.

You can imagine something like photos, as Apple would have brought the photos app from iPhone and iPad on Mac – of course with a suitable interface and some additional features. Thus you have presented not only a pretty good picture of how photos actually on the Big Mac screen, but also a reference to one of the most important features: photos for OS X and the photos app for iOS go hand in hand.

Apple Photos OS X Beta Reveals Successor To iPhoto

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So Her Hidden Photos And Videos On Your iPhone Or iPad

Do you have photos or videos on the iPhone or iPad that otherwise go something anyone? Then hides – and correctly! iOS, while provides the option to hide images, places the files but only in the freely accessible album “Hidden”. Who wants to go really safe, need the right app.

Hide Photos In Ios

From iOS 8 have iPad iPhone users the option of photos or videos of the usual photo collections to include or exclude. Keep for the finger longer on a picture, type in the drop-down menu click “Hide”, and then click ‘Hide photo’. In the albums overview your iOS image gallery, you will now find the image in the folder “Hidden”. Which is freely accessible for anyone with device access unfortunately.

If you want to hide private shots consistently from the eyes of other people, you need an app such as, for example, secret photo & video calculator. There are alternatives, such as apps photo + video vault or HiFolder (free and Pro). In this example, we show how, photo & video calculator makes your photos with secret invisible.

So Her Hidden Photos And Videos On Your iPhone Or iPad


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Gopro Hero4 Session: WÜRfelförmig, Waterproof And Compatible To iPhone

The action cam specialist GoPro has unveiled a new camera: the GoPro Hero4 session is characterized mainly by its even more compact design in cube shape. She is from work up to about 10 meters depth waterproof and thus could be the favorite of all water sports this summer.

GoPro is not the first manufacturer who puts a camera in a compact cube case. But even better, compared to the significantly lower Polaroid cube, the GoPro Hero4 session might be the appropriate for professionals. It distinguishes itself not only by a higher price, but brings also some features and extras, that are made possible only through the acquisition of additional equipment for the Polaroid.

A Hit For The 2015 Summer Vacation?

The GoPro Hero4 session will be available starting July 12 in two editions. Both packages contain the same camera, but differ in the enclosed accessories. The Standard Edition of the GoPro Hero4 session contains a curved bracket, as well as a flat adhesive mount, a special holder for surfboards, as well as a FCS plug fixture and a camera bracket band instead accompany the surf Edition. Both versions of the action cam should cost 429,99 euros each to start. If you already have a GoPro camera, which can use existing mounts even with the new camera cube.

Despite the fairly crisp price, the ultra-compact GoPro Hero4 session could become the star of the just-begun summer. Thanks to its waterproof housing and their low mass it is probably really suitable for shots when snorkeling and surfing. In a resolution of 720 p, it creates also even slow motion shots 100 frames per second. 60 frames per second are possible in case of full-HD mode and with a maximum video resolution of 1920 x 1440, there are still 30 fps. Wide-angle photographs are made with 8 MP.

Control you can the GoPro Hero4 session with a remote control via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or the GoPro app for iOS. Recordings can be started, for example, while browsing but also through the easy shutter release button on the camera. Should you be interested in an action cam, you can find here even a short overview with alternatives that do not come from GoPro.