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Geek Decoration

The Geek decoration is a fun and modern way to renew the style of the House of people who like the world of technology, games, comic books, movies and serials. One of the ways to bring pop culture into the home, the Geek table decor is a practical and versatile option to have a lively and full meal of innovative objects without modifying the furnishings.

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Mural of the Village with Furniture and Spaces Decorated

Did you know that you can also participate in  the Village Wall by  sending photos of your customized furniture, or their decorated spaces? Did they see it? They can and should. Today is one of these murals where we will see how our colleagues decorate and transform their furniture and spaces using tips like  stickers  and  decupagem, a simple technique that really changes everything. Continue reading

Baby Room Decor Pink and Brown: Walls, Furniture and Models

Baby room decor pink and Brown: Walls, furniture and models

Baby room decor

As soon as he learns that he is waiting at little girl, any woman feel born in SI a feeling again of rejuvenation. It’s as if everything she had open hands to get into adult life suddenly becomes interesting. That’s why one of the first steps they take is to start the  baby room decor. Continue reading

Living Room Wall Stickers: How to Choose and Apply

The room is normally one of the most used rooms in the House. Choose the best wall decoration consists of thinking about the size, price, color and appeal. Have a plan of how you want to keep your room and ceiling height can play a role in the decision. The best art typically will pull the room together, so choose a decor which combines with existing themes is also important. Check out more on the living room wall stickers and learn how to choose and how to apply.

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Decorative Wall Stickers Free Market

The decorative wall stickers are making a great success in the area of decoration, launching trends how to finish the houses. There are several models of adhesives on the market, each of which values a type of illustrative reason to decorate the environments.

The traditional painting of the walls was left out on the modern technique of applying adhesives, thereby earning environments a more authentic and differentiated. There are companies that develop unique stickers under order, others offer a full catalog of options.

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Wall Stickers: How to Choose

The wall stickers can be used to decorate a particular environment, they cover an entire surface or just a part. In addition, you can also use them to hide small defects in paint or accidental reliefs that form part of the wall.

Make a decoration through wall sticker is a practical and cheap to give personality to a certain room in residence, since this material can be purchased much more into account, but care must be taken with the type of paper you choose, because not all are of quality.

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