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Women’s Hats for Summer, Fashion Tips and Gorgeous Models

Fashion and beauty-Not1 Women’s Hats for summer, fashion tips and gorgeous models Summer is coming, and nothing better than follow the trends to rock! Good … Today we will talk about both female accessory as male, which lately has been gaining strength, and this summer won’t be able to miss, the hats in addition to being beautiful, reveal the women’s style: chic, classic, modern and Elegant. Continue reading

The women’s Hat Back to Fashion

The women’s Hat back to Fashion

Since the 70 relegated to oblivion, the hat is seen back in fashion shows and WINS women’s wardrobe space, coming to value the heads that are keeping an eye on fashion trends 2010, where besides the Hat hair accessories as tracks , tiaras, flowers are high. In Brazil and in other countries where the climate is tropical Hat serves to protect from the Sun, already in countries where the climate is cold, the hat serves mainly to protect against low temperatures and wind. Continue reading

Women’s Hats, Models, How to Use

ome time ago fashionable women wore hats to protect their skin from the sun’s rays, as the white skin was synonymous with high society royalty. Over the years the hats were getting forgotten and the tan on the skin caused by the sun’s rays became synonymous with beauty and healthy skin, only that the greed of men was destroying nature in such a way that he began to fight back and havoc that the sun’s rays cause human skin because of the absence of the ozone layer in many cases are irreparable. To solve this problem in a more elegant way the designers have gone back to the past and in a creative way have launched the modern retro fashion of wearing hats. Continue reading