HMS Carabiner What Does HMS Stand For

Safely climb with an HMS carabiner For every climber, a good HMS carabiner belongs to the basic equipment. An HMS carabiner is suited for backing up with the half mast throw node – hence the name. The special type of carabiner has always a safety latch to prevent accidental opening of the carabiner snapper when […]


How to Tie Climbing Slings

Stable companion for any scramble: slings You are definitely basic equipment of every climber – and that more than once! Webbing slings are incredibly versatile and suited to to make intermediate backups (hourglass), the self assurance or simply hang a hammock trees! It is often also called “Round slings”.


Ice Axe Mountain Climbing Gear

Fixed in the ice with the right ice machine Always if the winter shows at its coldest, the ice climber grabs his stuff and go on the ice! Whether on frozen waterfalls or firn slopes – of course unthinkable without ice. An ice tool – called also Eisbeil or ice axe – is used for […]


What Equipment Do You Need for Via Ferrata

With the matching via ferrata carabiners in the mountains So as there are special carabiner rock climbing to backup or belaying, are also special models for use on via ferrata. Here are some features of such climbing climbing carabiner. Form and structure of via ferrata karabiners , Carbine, designed specifically for use on via ferrata, […]

Outdoor Equipment

Fixed Rope Climbing Technique

With a climbing rope route Guide, everyone will find the right tour! The via ferratas in the Alps attract new fans year after year and the fascination of sport is undiminished. No wonder where it comes but with relatively little equipment good through heavy terrain.


Rock Climbing Anchors a Comprehensive Guide

Bolts as fixture and protection in mountain sports Bolts come in different areas of climbing and mountaineering use. Sport climbing they are found in most areas as grateful intermediate backup that can be hooked into the an express Sling Velvet rope within seconds.


Difference Between Half Ropes and Twin Ropes

Always well secured on the half line High quality half ropes should not lack in a well-equipped climbing equipment. Just climbers who are traveling in the Alpine area, appreciate the many benefits of half ropes. A half rope is usually with relatively thin between 7,8 and 9 millimeters in diameter. Half ropes can be used […]


Ball Screw Locking Mechanism

Secured with thread keeps better: screw Simple Snappers (usually in Expressen) and the well-known pear-shaped carabiners of HMS carabiner are part of the basic equipment of every climber. Here are some notes on the different versions.


Snap Hook Carabiner Home Depot

Fast and secure: the snap karabiner A snap snap has no lock, but as the name suggests, a snap closure. The Snappers snap-action carabiners is loaded with a spring. To open the latch is pressed just inside. This allows a simple clipping of the snap carabiner if it has to go quickly.