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Bouldering Crash Pads Reviews

A safe and soft landing with the Bouldermatte

Da bouldering the most difficult situations climbed and mastered complex passages are, it can happen quite even, losing his footing. It also again alive and well get in on the ground, the Bouldermatte or even crash pad called, provides a safe and soft landing. Bouldermatten are made of two – or three-layer foam sheets and similar in build of a gym mat. For easy transport to the Boulder spot Bouldermatten are retractable or folded. Continue reading Bouldering Crash Pads Reviews

Bouldering Techniques for Indoor Rock Climbing

Bouldering – technique, strength and life

Bouldering is climbing without a rope and belt on jumping height. Object of desire are often free-standing boulders (English “Boulder”) found in the famous areas such as Fontainebleau or the rocklands. The Boulder, so the short routes on the block up in technically demanding and require much sense of movement, strength and creativity. Continue reading Bouldering Techniques for Indoor Rock Climbing