T-shirt Bikini, How Do

How To Make A Bikini With T-Shirt

What do you think of having a custom bikini this summer? Then, learn how to make a model only your using a t-shirt. Check out:
How To Make:
Start measuring your hips and chest. Put the shirt on a flat table. Cut the end of the three-inch shirt. This part will be used later to create the top. Cut one of the lateral folds to create a long strip of fabric. Wrap the tape around your chest to form the thin strip. The excess must be cut.
With the shirt still on the table, the piece below. The hip measurement is the length of the top and bottom of the hourglass shape that you must make on the shirt. Use chalk or fabric pen to draw an hourglass shape on the shirt. You will need to have at least two centimeters of extra fabric on each side. So it’s nice that the t-shirt is great.
Cut out the lines with at least a centimeter away. On the wrong side of the t-shirt, straight cut the end until the area under his arm. You should cut thin strips that will form the ribbons and bows bikini. Here at bikinirevival.com you can get more different models of the swimwear fashion.
Fold over and sew the top and bottom. Start at the bottom. Take a long strips you cut the fabric and place on top of the bottom of the Bikini (the straight side). Place the strip near the edge and fold the edge towards the chalk line. Sew so that the Strip can still be moved. Repeat on the right side.
Fold the curved side seams and sew. There are no straps used on this side. To the top, use a strip of the shirt to the top and bottom and sew on the top and bottom similar to the bottom.