Synthetic vs Down Sleeping Bag Review

It must be not always down: synthetic sleeping bag

Who like at home can be the bivy bag or in areas with highly changing weather conditions on the road is, should better avoid the warm down sleeping bag and access to alternative synthetic fibre. Here you can learn what aspects you still should consider when purchasing a synthetic sleeping bag.

Filler for synthetic sleeping bag

One can imagine synthetic fiber as a giant cotton ball. Feeding consists of smallest Microfäden wiggle thousands of times and isolating so warm air in the gaps. If the fibers themselves to the better heat retention include also air in, one speaks of hollow fibres.
This attempt to imitate down, synthetic brings some advantages and disadvantages compared to the natural fiber. While synthetic sleeping bag can still warm even in the wet and not clump together, reach them at the same weight by far not the Wämeleistung of down and are less vapour permeable.
Also you can lose no fill with synthetic fibre, because it is a continuous fiber. Another aspect, however, is the price: who is looking for a sleeping bag for all occasions and places little value on weight and bulk, should access to the synthetic version!

Application of synthetic sleeping bag

Therefore such synthetic sleeping bag be used mostly when the weather often changes (tropical wet climate, wet cold weather) or if it stayed like without a bivouac in the open air. Then dew and rain the thermal capacity of the fibre sleeping bags do not affect yet (down would clump and lose their isolation).

Construction, types and equipment of synthetic sleeping bag

There are synthetic sleeping bag in ceiling and Mummy form. The former, the latter more offers more comfort, heat retention. Some models are connectable. Special women’s sleeping bag are lined inside something softer and more isolated in the footer.
Synthetic sleeping bag should be equipped with a collar for cooler temperatures. The zipper provides ventilation if he works in two directions. Fibre sleeping bags are even more versatile with L – or even walking to u-shaped zipper.
A synthetic sleeping bag is of course alone yet not sufficient to comfortably to sleep. Only with the right Mat the night is also really relaxing and you can recharge your batteries for the next day.