Synthetic jackets (301)

No longer freezing with high-quality synthetic jackets

If it is cold outside and uncomfortable, you would like to but still like to spend time in the great outdoors, it’s no problem! With a warm synthetic fiber jacket is the outdoor friend even in cooler climate ideally equipped.

What advantages does a synthetic jacket?

As soon as the weather gets cooler, synthetic jackets are a faithful companion. They offer high thermal efficiency, are wind – and water-repellent and breathable often. Properties that also have many other jacket styles are though, but a synthetic sweater or a synthetic jacket has some advantages that are not to have the hand.
, One of the most important advantages of synthetic jackets is that they lose none of their thermal performance under the influence of moisture. Example, a down-insulated jacket is wet, the insulation properties of the forage decreases sharply and the jacket is no longer warm. In extreme cases, the feed can even clump together. A synthetic jacket, however, has not so many problems with moisture. The synthetic lining does not absorb the moisture and stays warm. In connection with water-repellant fabrics rain can not so easily have on them. Also, synthetic fiber coats dry very quickly if they are once wet. In many cases it is sufficient but also, if only the hull needed this heat backup. In this case, better taking a synthetic vest.

Easy to clean and durable – synthetic jackets have it in

Not to mention, it is also that synthetic jackets are very easy to care for. After a long and tiring day you come friend as outdoor of course not spick and span and clean home. The synthetic fiber jacket is easily machine washable, without that it harms the lining. It is also worth noting that synthetic jackets are cheaper compared to the down normally, but that does not mean that it saves on quality. With a good synthetic jacket you can do no wrong, they are robust and easy to maintain and offer top warm retention.