Synthetic fiber sweaters (9)

Top insulated with a high-quality synthetic fiber sweaters

Always if it is chilly, a synthetic sweater is a good choice. Whether climbing, Alpine used or just a Winter hike, a synthetic sweater is very well insulated and keeps always toasty warm. A synthetic sweater can be used as a substitute for a winter jacket. It’s really icy, you can wear it as a supplemental heat layer under a jacket. As lining material, E.g. the Primaloft feeding ensures optimal isolation. The sweater lose so little of their hot holding capacity for moisture. Synthetic fiber sweaters are also true lightweights. Especially when it’s long, complicated tours on every gram, you will know that for sure appreciate. Synthetic fiber sweaters can be easily, have a small pack size and the lining is not damaged even with strong compression. During maintenance, synthetic fiber sweaters show most unproblematic. Are very easy to grow, fast drying and can easily wash into the native machine.