Swimwear Yamamay 2016

Among the swimwear Yamamay 2016 do not go unnoticed the floral patterns that shine in the sunlight or some vintage pieces that appear to come from a not-too-distant past. Between bikinis, swimsuits and high waist there is an embarrassment of choice!
Even for Yamamay is all set for the summer and the first sunny days to pass by the beach or by the pool. Therefore, waiting to feel ready for swimsuit season, let’s take a look at the new collection of costumes of the summer 2016, an intriguing catalogue, full of novelties and apparel perfectly in line with new trends in seasonal sea.
The famous brand of underwear enchants us with a collection of swimwear that makes color a true workhorse, although there are also the most sober nor classical pieces, such as one piece swimsuit and bikini with triangle, which heads to turn them into modern Beach Yamamay reinterprets and trendy.
The centerpiece of the Beach collection by Yamamay for 2016 is definitely the bikini and the advantage in this case is that we can combine the pieces as we want, focusing on solutions and playing with the Blazers. On one side we have pastel or floral bandeau top most beautiful summer, on the other hand slip in stained colors coolest season, and vice versa. The great thing about this line is that we can play with the combinations that we like!
The bandeau undoubtedly remains one of the most popular pieces, but in 2016 Yamamay’s costume collection there is also room for the classic balconette and for the historic triangle. Also the whole costume, but not the d once: this year the whole costume is a hybrid between the classic and the trikini, with versions cut out that rather than conceal, they discover the silhouette.
Among the novelties of the season Yamamay House there are also the high waist to match bandeau bra with the cups, classic or a set from Beach vintage taste reminiscent of swimsuits degli anni ‘ 50. The collection also includes sarongs and dresses to match with costumes and to wear on vacation.
Ready for your first few sunny days? Then don’t miss the official site where they have collected swimwear for 2016 Summer.