Swimwear Like Agua Bendita 2016

The brand shows many beautiful swimsuit with beads, whose colors taken literally the eyes and attract like a magnet, and their meager cuts do not leave much to the imagination.
Attractive topless with interesting designs beautifully intertwined cords in neon colors that stand out on the bronze tan and outline a nice body shape.
Sexy bikini with many beads and small figurines our entire surface in many spectacular applications. With such women’s bikini you are unlikely to go unnoticed on the beach.

Neon swimsuit – tiny bikini with ruffles and cut swimwear prints with bright neon colors. Fluorescent hues are an absolute hit in beach fashion for this summer, and the new swimwear Agua Bendita combinations are amazing.
Another interesting accent in the new collection are colorful swimsuit with prints whose upper parts resemble a bow tie or triangular cups with neck strap. The most interesting models look patchwork of several prints, embellished with sequins and multiple strips.
Their bottoms are shallow bikini or resemble playful skirt with ruffles. Similar models very colorful swimsuits have long been the trademark of Aqua Bendita. The new fashion line their presence seems more moderate.
For this you see the stylish swimsuit – elegant combination of floral and striped details in dark blue and white. And one of the most impressive models in the collection are new swimsuit with ethnic elements inspired by Indians and their rich cultural heritage.