Swimming: Athletes Join the Chorus Against the Supermaiôs

A day after American Michael Phelps announce that should stay away from international competitions.
A day after American Michael Phelps announce that should stay away from international competitions until the new rules be adopted costumes, Thiago Pereira stressed the speech against the supermaiôs. The Brazilian swimmer supported the international swimming Federation’s decision to make a rigid control of the clothes. For James, the modern suit is “interfering in the sport.”
I agree with them. I am also in favour of taking the rubber, taking these tissues. Because it cheats a little. The rubber helps some more than others. So, the clothes end up interfering in the sport. It’s not just the talent-said right after the swimmer to qualify for the semi-finals of the 200 m medley in the world, in Rome.
For Thiago Pereira, Fina’s decision to allow only the textile swimsuits in commit4fitness.com  from April 2010 will generate a long period of world records in swimming.Even so, the Brazilian believes that it is a form of the talent of the swimmer back to be valued.
I know that when I get the swimsuit world records are going to be out of the ordinary. The guys will take maybe two Olympic cycles to can get close. But, in the old days, when someone beat the world record, the guy was about ten minutes at the microphone speaking on the record.Nowadays, I think it trivialized a little. Only here, some 90% of the evidence have world record.
In Rome, after beating the world mark of the men’s 400 m free, the German Paul Biedermann claimed that your costume, the Arena X-Glide, had helped in two seconds in the final. James, however, can’t say the improvement in time, but agree that the difference is very great.
-If you take off your clothes and swim, it’s absurd the difference. It’s hard to tell the difference in time because it is not certain that the clothes will help you so much. But, if I do 50 m butterfly sunga in 25s50, for example, and then make the clothes won’t be even tired. That’s the difference. The wear is much smaller, it’s a lot easier to swim, “said James, who has used the new model of the Jaked, the main focus of the controversy.