Swedish Modementalitet Need More Tom Ford

Guest column: I work at a large company that needs rules and procedures to business as usual will mean that people doing CA strenuous on instead of sitting and fiddling with themselves in the navel between eight and five. Including controlled what websites we visit. To immerse themselves in the male fashion for Manolo and King are no problem, while sites like Cafe.se will result in red flag. I have always provided my employers shied away from from the page’s elements of teens and babes, but having recently tapped into me at our site, I am not so sure.Gucci’s former miracle man has made the concept of “sex sells” to religion, and after some visually explosive seconds on this page, I was pretty sure I would get fired. Then it struck me that this page was obviously open to visit and that I probably had drawn hasty conclusions regarding which Web browsing which is accepted by the company. Teens and. ass was not the problem, so the question is what it is at the management level, not like with Cafe.se.
Another reflection from your visit to TomFord.com is that his approach to clothing and fashion is incredibly far from everything we see on the Swedish market. When you read recently about a Swedish designer who talked about sexy clothes? Despite the fact that there is an intimate relationship between clothing and sex in Sweden seems to be not nice enough to make clothing that creates attraction. Oversize parkas and jackets that stop at the navel might allow people to reflect their personality, but it will be great full to tickle the genitals. When it finally made a Swedish attempts to penetrate the arena for clothes with sex appeal, it is from a designer who spent most of his life with sewing up the gala dresses to Carola and her friends. Where Tom Ford is a machobög with a theatrical display soft elements that use itself as a reference point for developing clothing with little umpf, it is harder to see where Lars Wallin draws its inspiration. It is without a doubt a beautiful craftsmanship, but it is doubtful if his embroidered jackets will ever get someone to know: give me some of that hot piece of .ass.
It would be so liberating to see a Swedish brand that skipped krusidullerna and had as main aim to make their customers a little bit hotter. Today is too much focus on the clothes and not enough focus on us to wear them. In a youtube clip with a few years old talking Ford about their thoughts on the latest Guccivisningen. There he let the catwalk bathe in thousands of rose petals and nothing compeers to you were pouring out of the speakers. “I wanted to make such a beautiful show that people actually cried for fashion”. He is a true pekoralist, but who cares… we need more chick in our daily lives and we need more clothes that make people want to take off her clothes.