Swedish Furniture Designers

Furniture design is certainly something off the Manolos reserve area. At the same time, it is important to get style inspiration from different sources. As the Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) Department store’s the Stockholm exhibition of former Chief Architect and furniture designer Axel Einar Deer, whose idiom inspired a series of Swedish fashion designers.

Axel Einar Hjorth background includes a long time both with practical crafts as carpenters and upholsterers, but also studies on Higher Art industrial Department at the technical school (now College of Arts, crafts and design). After working at various furniture factories and in private firm took over Deer service that NK’s chief architect in 1927. NK was a cornerstone of Swedish furniture architecture and management of the Department store during the Deer came to participate in a series of important exhibitions that world exhibition in Barcelona in 1929 where Deer presented a rare lavish stand at nearly 300 square meters.
Deer species mix of classicism with modernism, and form the language content as well hints of ambivalent art deco as a tighter functionalism. For the world exhibition in Bareclona sounded Deer deep black Cork carpet adorn the floor with walls and furniture in bright colours as lackrött, green, gold and cobalt blue, which was significant for the furniture architect’s style. The exclusive materials, which became something of a trademark was met by criticism in the 1930s with the advent of functionalism in Swedish design. 1938 left Deer NK after the furniture has become too expensive to produce.
In the fashion context Axel Einar Deer a great source of inspiration. Creative head designer Roland Hjort has for the fall collection 09, which appeared weekly during Fashion Week by Berns, draws inspiration from furniture designer. Similarly, Acnes Creative Director Jonny Johansson, expressed his fascination for Axel Einar Deer.
NK’s exhibition to be held from 5-22/2 is the first since the 1930s to view Hjorts furniture. For the lucky ones who owns a furniture from Deer, it is possible to get it valued by Bukowskis ‘ during the exhibition. In conjunction with the exhibition launched a book about Axel Einar Hjorth fascinating life and work of Eric Ericson. The book is published on Atlantis Förlag and costs 450 dollars.