Sweat shirts (72)

The sweater, a convenient and versatile piece of clothing for every occasion

A good sweater has many possible uses. No matter whether for hiking, climbing, at work, or as a comfortable casual wear, a sporty chic sweater is always a good choice. The word sweater comes from the English and means freely translated as much as “Overcoat”. The sweater is a piece of clothing that is extremely popular in many areas since the 1950s. Despite, or perhaps because of its sporty casual style, the sweater has now established itself as fashionable street clothes. In the outdoor area white man him because of his many positive qualities very much appreciate.

What must a sweater can?

Points of clothing than outdoor, requires some important properties, a high-quality sweater but should meet in any case. The isolation ability is most important, of course, for what is already the most beautiful sweaters if he keeps not warm? In addition, the sweater should be comfortable and offer freedom of movement. Just when climbing it is not of course enormously important in his movement to be restricted.

What types of sweaters are recommended for outdoor sports?

When temperatures are milder, it does hold the Hoodie as a replacement for the outdoor jacket. Drawstring hood can be moved to, this ensures a light weather protection. The hood also protects the neck from cold draughts.
If it is even slightly frosty, the fleece provides warmth. Fleece has not only an excellent heat retaining ability, it makes the sweater also breathable. This sweat cannot escape perfectly and the body is protected from overheating.
, Merino sweater sheep are made of merino wool of the”miracle”. Sweaters Merino Wool are very fine, keep warm and breathable. And if you really tour the sweat, which is also not bad, because the Merino fibers are a quick-drying, and on the other hand they are odour-free. Sweaters Merino fibre in the inside and fleece on the outside, combine the best properties of both materials.
Of course, there are still many other sweaters that are super suitable for outdoor activities. Finally but left to your own taste and preference. A stylish, sporty and comfortable sweater is never wrong!